3 Stylish Light Kitchen Ideas to Make Your Cooking Space Look More Attractive

Light Kitchen Ideas

Kitchens are one of the most popular attractions in a home. When people visit you, they straight away go to see the kitchen, no matter if it’s a family gathering, a big function or a friends party, a beautiful well lit kitchen can bring you loads of compliments on any occasion. Modern kitchens don’t necessarily require a lot of expensive lighting, but with a minimal design and smart lighting techniques, you can transform your kitchen into an amazing cooking space. Here are some easy and simple light kitchen ideas you must try to make your cooking space look more stylish, all without spending bundles from your pocket.

Hang a Chandelier

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A small yet glamorous chandelier can make your cooking space turn into a royal space. If your kitchen is very small without dining space then you can skip it, but if your kitchen is big enough to sit down and enjoy some delicacies then you must hang a chandelier. Keep the design and color according to your kitchen style, there are many different designs to choose from including a vintage style, a modern funky style, and a luxury farmhouse style.

Attach LED Stick lights

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LED stick lights are one of the most affordable and convenient options to light up your kitchen without taking extra space. You can put LED rope lights on the cabinets, drawers, corners, near the sink, and even on the foot place. If compared with other light bulbs or tubes, LED stick lights can be attached anywhere, can be wired individually, and gives your kitchen a smart look. LED stick lights will also help you do your daily tasks easier, they help locate things on the shelves or inside the drawers and also provides safety. You can also attach colorful LED lights in certain places to beautify it a bit more.

Be Creative

Rather than adding expensive lights to your kitchen, use creative methods to gain the same results. Add stick-on lights, you can also install smart lights and link them with your smartphone or other devices, make a DIY mason jar chandelier, place minimum lights in less important areas, keep a tabletop lamp, use portable light fixtures, add multitasking lights, or beautify your old lights by customizing them. There are hundreds of DIY and easy to make kitchen light ideas on the internet, you can also watch a DIY mason jar chandelier tutorial video on youtube to get ideas, they are very simple and require minimum efforts, but the results are outstanding.


The most important thing to beautify your kitchen before adding lights is to choose lights according to the kitchen design. A LED rope light surely will go with a simple modern kitchen, but not for big kitchens. Choosing lights that match with the interior design will help intensify the mood and it will look more aesthetically pleasing. Plan the lighting according to your budget, don’t add too many lights, don’t add different types of lights altogether, and don’t add lights in places that are not important.

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