5 Best Modern Kitchen Paint Colour Ideas Of 2021

A modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances

It is 2021, and adding colors other than white, black, and brown is what the trends say. We are here with some trendy kitchen paint color ideas that can change the overall look of your house. But by adding a few new kitchen paint color ideas into the kitchen, you’re good to go. 

The kitchen shouldn’t be a place where you’ll feel extremely bored. But a place you’ll feel lively when you cook. You can always play with bright and neutral colors. For example, bring a punch in your cabinets with bright red or blue colors. For the ground, you can go for soothing green or grey that suits cabinets. No matter what your color preferences are. Go beyond the traditional approach of white, brown, and black color. 

To help you find trendy kitchen paint color ideas, keep on reading, and you will find some great options for yourself. 

5 Kitchen Paint Colour Ideas


Eggplant is the shade of purple that designer Ruta herself used to renovate her kitchen cabinets. This kitchen paint color idea goes best with white with the lining of eggplant shade. For the floor, you can go with Calacatta Viola streaked marble to bring out more inky eggplant. 

Pale Green

These pale green kitchen paint color ideas will go seamlessly between the dining and kitchen area, especially when you pair this with Moroccan clay tile and ombre dining bar stools. This will look fabulous when you add some elements of pale green to the living area. 


The warm marigold kitchen paint color ideas with cool grey cabinets are a deadly combination for a vibrant open kitchen. The floor tiles of grey color tones are outstanding with gold hardware that complements the yellow cohesive whole. For a similar feel, opt for yellow paint, which is bright and clean. This combination of kitchen paint color ideas will give a rich, warming, homely feeling. 

Peach Lacquer

This combination of kitchen paint color ideas is by Michelle Nussbaumer, who is not afraid to play with color. The blush pink, which can also be referred to as peach shade, along with deep aqua cabinets, reflects the spacious feel. This gives the illusion of a big kutch with some classic mirror tricks along with some colors. 


I have saved the best for last. The trendiest color of 2020 and 2021 is lavender. The kitchen paint color ideas with lavender is a glamorous, timeless yet grounded, and effortless look. Lavender with backdrops complements the blue chandelier as well. These classic, neutral cabinets are to die for. It gives an island ground the space. 


A kitchen with a sink and a refrigerator

There you have some trendy kitchen paint color ideas to help you renovate your kitchen in the best way. Hopefully, this article has helped you out, and now you won’t go back to the traditional kitchen paint color ideas. It’s a modern time to give a little bit of a modern approach to your kitchen. 

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