7 Basics Of Modern Bohemian Décor Kitchen

A kitchen with a sink and a microwave

Modern bohemian décor kitchen is highly in demand because of the bold patterns and unique contrast it adds to the elements. Though decorating your kitchen is not a big deal in this style, a beginner would go blank and fail at the end. To make sure that your kitchen looks equally impressive as your living and bedroom, we have come with some tips.

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Tips For Modern Bohemian Décor Kitchen 

A kitchen with a blue chair

Let us know about the basics of boho so that you don’t go wrong.

  1. Colors play a vital role in this style. They are mostly a mix of deep indigo, yellow, or orange. Any bold color will suit.
  2. The texture is the second important tip in boho that is usually soft, woody, or something vibrant. The best part is you can add texture as per your personal preference. For kitchen décor, choose dining tables made of wood, décor the walls with macramé hangings, use clean white or gray paints.
  3. Add the touch of nature to your kitchen. Vining or hanging plants are great for this but make sure they get enough light and don’t eat lots of space.
  4. Change the kitchen atmosphere by adding different light sources. They are a great part of the bohemian style. You can add more soul to the kitchen by mixing and matching the different lights rather than using one.
  5. Boho is more about patterns, so try to add lots of patterns. Right from the kitchen wall to the jars, you can paint everything in boho colors.
  6. Whether it’s planters or kitchen racks, a small touch of vintage style will add life to your kitchen.
  7. The last tip is a fragrance. A particular scent can change the atmosphere and bring a unique personality to your home. You can either use scented candles or essential oils as well.

Now you know the basics of boho, here are some modern bohemian décor kitchen ideas that you can incorporate.

Modern Bohemian Kitchen Décor Ideas 

A kitchen with a sink and a window

Get The Boho Style Crockery 

Don’t just paint the kitchen walls and floor in boho style; also get the plates, cheese board, teapot, and other crockery as well. You will find several unique boho kitchen accessories on amazon.

Add Ceiling Pendants 

Instead of plain boring light fixtures, go for ceiling pendants. They change the appearance of the kitchen and also give focus light saving your electricity bills.

Keep These Vining Plants 

One of the important tips was to add plants, so one must know the ideal plants to keep in the kitchen. Your balcony garden or backyard of the kitchen can have the following plants:

  • Blue morning glory- it has heart-shaped leaves and blue-purple flowers. Plant it somewhere it gets enough sunshine.
  • Devil’s ivy is the most common and popular plant to have in your modern kitchen. It is also known as a money plant and a low-maintenance plant. All it needs is a little sunlight to grow very well in a shaded and less humid area.
  • Bleeding heart vine- These bi-colored flowers need regular watering and sunlight to blossom.

Remember, all are outdoor climbers, so plant them outside the kitchen near the windows. The shadows from a kitchen will add a beautiful touch and light up the entire area.

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