7 Modern Kitchen Counter Decor Tips

Modern Kitchen Counter Decor Tips

Kitchen counters are one of the crucial spaces in every kitchen. No doubt most of the space on a kitchen counter is taken by appliances but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate the counter. There are some cool kitchen decoration ideas that can make your kitchen counters beautiful without compromising with functionality. Think of adding pops of colors or a statement object to the counter. Use these modern kitchen counter decor ideas to make the space catchy and enchanting.

Use A Statement Object

Bare kitchen counters can be beautified with the help of a statement object that can act as a focal point. Think of a single piece of decor object and set it at the center. Make sure the color of the kitchen decor item you are considering complements the theme of your kitchen. For instance – if you have an all-white kitchen, you can get the statement object in black, grey, and charcoal colors.

Modern Kitchen Counter Decor Tips
7 Modern Kitchen Counter Decor Tips

Add Pops Of Color

Add hints of color to your kitchen counters along with the rest of the places. Use a mix of colors to update your counters. You can consider keeping colorful vases, bowls, jars, etc. on the kitchen counters. This decor idea goes well with most kitchens.

Opt For Plants 

One of the simplest yet modern kitchen counter decor ideas is to use plants as decor essentials. Small potted plants beautify the space and make it lively at the same time. Complement your plants with glass jars or bowls filled with ‘green’ decor to make the counter extra appealing.

Consider Shelving

Instead of scattering your appliances and crockery items on the kitchen counter, opt for shelving. Consult a kitchen designer who can construct shelving cabinetry. Go for a design with 3 or 4 shelves and use the shelves to arrange your glasses, bowls, and other kitchenware. The best is to opt for a design that has a sliding door and a place to hide your electrical appliances. Also, think of something like a pull-out tray that can hold your mini coffee machine or toaster. You can also opt for wooden shelves and use them to arrange your kitchenware.

Get A Basket

A kitchen with small counter spaces can be decorated with simple items like a basket. Use a bamboo basket to improve the aesthetics while adding a touch of country style. Make good use of the basket by storing napkins, pickle bottles, spice racks, etc. in it. Although using baskets is not a modern kitchen counter decor idea, it works perfectly for a farmhouse-inspired kitchen.

Create A Tea/Coffee Corner

A cup of water on a table
7 Modern Kitchen Counter Decor Tips

People who are fond of tea or coffee can create a special corner for their favorite activity in the kitchen. If you have a coffee machine, arrange items you need to make coffee near it. You can place coffee, tea, and sugar jars along with a cutlery rack that can hold your spoons. Also, try to hang tea and coffee mugs over this space to make it a complete tea/coffee corner.

Illuminate The Kitchen Countertop

Lighting is one of the easiest and classiest decor ideas that add visual interest. Brighten up your kitchen counters by installing recessed lighting. Also, illuminate the dark area with the help of accent lighting. Think of chandeliers or pendant lights over the countertop and table lamp in the corners. You can also opt for in-cabinet lighting to illuminate the inside of the cabinets. For this purpose, you can set up LED lights on the top of cabinets or install LED strip lights inside the shelves.

Opt for these decor ideas to make your kitchen counters beautiful and eye-catching than never before!

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