7 Rustic Kitchen Decor Ideas Homeowners Will Love

Rustic Kitchen Decor Ideas

With its natural look and lively feel, a rustic kitchen can delight homeowners in one go. If your kitchen already has a rustic design, spruce it up with some unique decor to make it look more fascinating than ever before. Well, you don’t have to hunt for rustic kitchen decor ideas as we have got plenty for you. From decorating a wooden ladder to hanging antique signs, these decoration ideas will truly make your kitchen standout. 

Arrange A Wooden Ladder & Decorate It

A dining room table in front of a window

A wooden ladder will give the desired ‘country’ feel to your kitchen and that also without overdoing. Place a ladder near the refrigerator or in the corner of your kitchen. If you like simplicity, just placing the ladder will do the trick. Otherwise, decorate the ladder with your favorite plants or hanging baskets. You can even whitewash the ladder and arrange fairy lights and mini wreaths on it. This is one of the best rustic kitchen decor ideas to opt for during the holiday season. 

Get A Farmhouse-Style Light Fixture

Brighten up your kitchen place with the help of a farmhouse-style light fixture. You can get a vintage lighting fixture in cast iron or beveled glass to add some style. Alternatively, you can settle for barn lighting and add the desired charm to your kitchen. Make sure to arrange an antique dining table set below the lighting and place the whole set up near the fireplace (if you have any).

Hang Antique Signs

Spruce up your kitchen walls by using antique signs depicting words such as ‘Menu’, ‘Welcome To Kitchen’, ‘Eat’, etc. Hanging antique signs is a simple and affordable way to get that desired farmhouse appeal. You can even make the vintage signs on your own using wooden boards, acrylic paints, hooks, sandpaper, and vintage chains. 

Wooden Animal Wall Hooks

If any kitchen wall looks dull, decorate it with some animal wall hooks. Get some wooden hooks in animal shapes like a giraffe, elephant, and more. You can then use these hooks for hanging cutlery, baskets, and even mason jars. 

Tip: If you love colors, get animal wall hooks in realistic colorful designs.

Get A Hammered Steel Gourmet Island 

A kitchen with a sink and a window

A hammered steel kitchen island will help you achieve the age-old look effortlessly. Use the racks of the gourmet island to arrange glasses, plates, cups, and bowls. If you want a true farmhouse-style look, arrange copper cookware and dinnerware on the racks. Just make sure the hammered steel kitchen island you are buying is not too big. You can arrange the rest of the utensils on wooden shelves or kitchen countertops.

Buy Ladder-Back Chairs 

Ladder-back chairs when paired with a vintage style table will bring that required farmhouse charm in the kitchen. This dining table set goes well with wide-plank wooden flooring. Use vintage-inspired centerpieces to decorate the dining table. You can use mason jars, copperware, lace table cloth, candles, etc. to make the table look alluring.

Tip: Keep the vintage style table set near the soapstone sink and opt for open shelving for a complete vintage setting. Don’t forget to place an industrial cart near the table set and arrange copperware on it. 

Display Pottery & Crocks On Open Shelving

A rustic kitchen is incomplete without open shelving that displays a crock collection. Get the open shelves according to the size of your pottery and crocks. If you have a big vintage cupboard, fill up that ample space with large utensils, pottery, and dinnerware. The best is to sort the kitchen items as per their color or style and keep the same-looking items together on the shelves.

Bring these rustic kitchen decor ideas to execution and make your kitchen look incredibly fascinating.

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