8 Best Rustic Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas For 2020

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

If you have built your kitchen in rustic style or want to update it using the theme, you should start thinking of the decor for your kitchen. Think of adding a rustic touch to the walls and open spaces with rustic-inspired decor. Use farmhouse-style decoration items like wooden shelves, signs, etc. to cover up those unadorned walls. Here are some fascinating rustic kitchen wall decor ideas you can consider.

Opt For Wooden Shelving

A rustic kitchen is incomplete without wooden shelves. Create wooden shelving with multiple shelves for displaying your rustic kitchenware. Besides displaying crocks and pottery, you can also use shelves to keep books, flower pots, and other decor items.

Rustic Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas
8 Best Rustic Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas For 2020

Place A Wooden Ladder

Wooden ladders look good in farmhouse-style or country kitchens. They add rustic appeal without overdoing. Add a ladder that reaches the top of your cabinets or simply keep the ladder in the kitchen corner. If you are using the ladder for decoration purposes, you can add vines or small hanging baskets to accent the ladder.

Use Antique Signs

Hanging antique signs is an easy way to revamp your rustic kitchen walls. Think of vintage signs like ‘Eat’, ‘Farmer’s Market’, etc. and incorporate these into the kitchen. This type of rustic kitchen wall decor can also be created at home using a wooden board, vintage paints or marker, and sandpaper. The best is to create letters and hang them vertically or horizontally on a wall.

Consider Galvanized Metal Cutlery

Metal spoons and forks with rustic galvanized finish can turn a bare wall into extremely eye-catching. You can also use wooden cutlery and hang them on the walls to create a rustic vibe. Look for cutlery that comes with a mounting hanger so that it’s easy for you to hang it on the wall.

Get Glass Jars With Rope

Glass jars that come with a rope tied to their neck are hugely popular rustic decor items. These jars are versatile and can hold rustic kitchen wall decor of any kind. For instance – you can use these jars to hold flowers or add string lights in them for creating stunning decor. Set up a vertical wooden panel and use a hook to hang these glass jars.

Use Antique Canvas Frames

Antique canvas frames can be used to display your favorite artwork in the kitchen. You can also create DIY frames using distressed wood and use the frame for displaying artwork. Besides artwork, you can also install a mirror for adding more interest. If you have a big naked wall, you can hang antique canvas frames of various sizes and set up a vintage mirror in the center.

Hang Woven Baskets

Use woven baskets to make your kitchen wall look decent yet appealing. Use these woven baskets to store your glassware, jars, cutlery, etc. Make sure the woven baskets are of high-quality and use a strong hanging mechanism to hold them.

Set Up A Rustic Wall Clock

Rustic Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas For 2020
8 Best Rustic Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas For 2020

Wall clocks are great for bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens alike. Buy a farmhouse-inspired wall clock to create a wonderful rustic setting. Use a clock made from re-purposed wood and metal. You can pick something like an oversized windmill clock or plank wood clock. The antique pendulum wall clock is also perfect to give the kitchen much needed rustic appeal. You can even place a vintage alarm clock or windmill table clock on the kitchen island to create a farmhouse setting.

Other Rustic Decor Ideas For Kitchen Walls:

  • Using a rustic wheel
  • Wooden animal hooks
  • Dried flower wreath
  • Plain candles on wooden shelves

Spruce the bare walls of your kitchen with these rustic decoration ideas and make the walls truly standout.

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