8 Modern Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas For 2020

Modern Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas For 2020

Whether it’s cooking food or eating together with family, the kitchen might be one of the places where you spent most of your time. If you are planning to spruce up those boring walls of your kitchen and are falling short of ideas, you aren’t alone. Well, you won’t have to spend a hefty amount of money to get your dream kitchen. A few modern kitchen wall decor ideas like these will help you beautify your kitchen in no time.

Hang Decorative Plates

One of the modern kitchen wall decor ideas is to fill up kitchen walls with decorative plates. Choose plates of different sizes, colors, and materials to decorate the wall. Whether they are antique plates or plates from usual kitchenware, you can use them effortlessly. If you have a bare wall in the dining area or near the fridge, fill up that wall with plates. Alternatively, use wood shelves to arrange the decorative plates. 

Modern Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas
8 Modern Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas For 2020

Get a Menu Cardboard

Create DIY menu cardboard and display in on the kitchen wall. Use this menu cardboard to present the weekly menu or recipes you will be creating for the week. This kind of kitchen decor will excite everyone in the family and they will love to check it every now and then so as to discover what’s cooking.

Eat Signs Or Posters

Splurge on some ‘Eat’ signs or posters and arrange them on the walls in a unique pattern. You can use a combo of signs and posters and display them all-together. You can also create DIY letters and create phrases like ‘Eat’, ‘Eat & Pray’, ‘Kitchen’, and so on. Paint the letters as per the exiting theme in your kitchen.

Consider Beautiful Tiles

If you are renovating your entire kitchen, you can consider opting for kitchen tiles. The kitchen tiles on the walls look unique and gorgeous. Choose tiles in an eye-catching design and color. Make sure to choose the tiles in such a way they best complement other decors in the kitchen.

Go For Potted Plants

Plants are an incredible option when it comes to decorating the walls. Potted plants not just look great in the kitchen but also welcome fresh air and natural feel. Get some metal rods or holders and use them to hold your plants. If you don’t want to keep live plants, you can arrange artificial plants in flower vases and pots. The best is to have a vertical garden in a kitchen you can use to display your favorite plants.

Paint The Ceiling

The easiest way to beautify your walls is to paint them. Paint the walls in new colors and don’t forget to paint the ceiling. Choose a contrasting color for your kitchen’s ceiling. If you have white walls, consider colors like tortoise blue, mauve, grey, or royal blue for the ceiling.

Create A Focal Point

Modern Kitchen Wall Decor Tips
8 Modern Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas For 2020

Choose a wall in the kitchen and make it a focal point for the place. Create focus in such a way that whosoever comes in the kitchen for the first time notices the wall at first. You can create a focal wall by using modern kitchen wall decor like wallpapers. Choose textured or patterned wallpapers. You can also use a giant piece of art. What’s more? You can also create a gallery wall to capture attention.

Opt For Open Shelving 

Ditch those cabinets and go for open shelving instead. Use this shelving to display your kitchenware. This will not only open up your kitchen space but will also create a visually appealing space. You can also display antique utensils on the shelves or glassware, copperware, etc. all-together. Create a shelf or opt for multiple shelves depending on the space and your needs.

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