9 Small Kitchen Ideas For Saving Space

Small Kitchen Ideas For Saving Space

Not everyone has big kitchens just like seen in movies or television series. However, a small kitchen can also be made to look like a celebrity-inspired kitchen by the right organization and decoration. Well, if you have a tiny kitchen and are looking for small kitchen ideas to save some space, try these effective tips and hacks.

Install Sliding Counter-Space 

If you have congested counter space, install sliding cabinets. This interesting kitchen design will let you do all that food cutting and chopping in drawers. You can set up a hole at a bottom of the sliding space that connects with to trash so as to dump pits easily. Just like sliding counter-space, install sliding cabinets to organize your kitchen essentials while saving space. You can also think of setting up a pull-out pantry to store the pantry items.

Small Kitchen Ideas For Saving Space
9 Small Kitchen Ideas For Saving Space

Invest In Tiered Organizers

Ditch your habit of filling everything in drawers and use tiered organizers instead. This will not only reduce clutter but will also make your kitchen visually appealing. It is one of the efficient small kitchen ideas out there. So, get some tiered organizers to store teas, aluminum foils, coffee, plastic wraps, and so on.

Stack The Dinnerware

Some people love displaying their dinnerware horizontally in their kitchen. If you have less cupboard space, try stacking your dinnerware. Stack dinnerware of the same color or pattern for a stunning visual display. You can also use a mix & match style to pile your dinnerware.

Use Drawer Dividers

Consider setting up drawer dividers in your kitchen drawers. Adjust the dividers in such a way so that the drawer can hold all types of kitchen utensils – from knives and forks to bowls, spoons, and more.

Get A Magnetic Strip

If you are a professional chef who has dozens of knives, consider getting a magnetic strip and setting it up on a wall. It will save your counter or drawer space while adding interest to your kitchen wall. Choose the strip size according to the number of knives you have.

Keep A Tiered Trolley

Have a small kitchen? How about keeping a few tiered trolleys in your kitchen? These small kitchen ideas are great if you have limited cupboard space. You can use the trolleys for arranging glasses, plates, pantry essentials, drinks, and even small electronic kitchen equipment. Choose trolleys with at least 3 tiers to arrange everything beautifully without creating congestion.

Go For A Hollow Island

If your gallery kitchen has a normal island that’s taking much space, replace it with hollow island. A hollow island will allow you to store a wide range of kitchen items – cookbooks, tissue papers, magazines, holiday stuff, glasses, plates, jugs, bowls, and so on.

Utilize Cabinet Doors

Small Kitchen Ideas
9 Small Kitchen Ideas For Saving Space

Don’t let your cabinet doors stay bare when you know you can use them effectively. Use the inside of cabinet doors for holding cooking utensils you use frequently. You can also hang mini baskets on the door and use them to hold cups, cutlery, etc. One can also use sticky pegs and use them to hold soup packets, food packets, and so on.

Get A Sliding Table

Instead of setting a big dining table, set up a sliding table in the kitchen and use it anytime for having food, food preparation, etc. There are many sliding table versions out there with drawers. Choose this version for creating extra space in the kitchen. Alternatively, you can choose a round table instead of a square-shaped dining table set if you have limited space. Arrange foldable chairs near the table or opt for a bean bag whenever you are about to have meals.  

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