A Luxurious Modern Kitchen Design

A Luxurious Modern Kitchen Design

Modern kitchen design is all about providing comfort with elegance. As we know, the kitchen is one of the essential and frequently used rooms of a house. Therefore working in the kitchen should always be a pleasant job and not tiring one. Modern kitchen designs not only make working in kitchen pleasant job but also, turns cooking into an art. Higher utilization of space, spectacular interiors, fantastic storage ideas, and easy accessibility are some of the basic concepts what modern kitchen designs offer. Providing supreme luxury with advanced functionality is the ultimate objective of these modern kitchen designs.

A Luxurious Modern Kitchen Design
A Luxurious Modern Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen Design: Basic Ideas

Few basic things need to be taken care of while designing a kitchen for their optimum use

  • Location

The kitchen should be easily accessible from other rooms of the house. And also, it should be well separated from the rooms so that the cooking odors do not interfere with the surrounding atmosphere.

  • Ventilation

It is of prime importance while designing a kitchen. Without proper ventilation, the cooking gases, odors, and smoke can suffocate the environment turning down the whole cooking job into a choking experience. Modern kitchens use the chimney as a preventive measure for kitchen gases.

  • Lights

Proper lighting in the kitchen is a hallmark of modern kitchen designs. It is always suggested to use natural lights (one that comes from the sun) as much as possible. The position of doors and windows should be considered well at the time of developmental stage only. Apart from that, artificial lighting should also be done intelligently enough, as cooking needs a clear vision to work at its best.

A Luxurious Modern Kitchen Design
A Luxurious Modern Kitchen Design
  • Storage

Storage is another essential part, which is very important in terms of designing a kitchen. Easily reachable cabinets, utilization of full available space, and the smart interior are what a modern kitchen design should be offering.

  • Worktops

Another significant thing in the kitchen is the worktops. It needs to be constructed, keeping in mind the height, material, and durability. One can choose from hardwood to polished granite tops. Steel tops and metal surfaces are also very common these days as they are durable and make cleaning a lot easier job.

Modern Kitchen Design: Key Point

  • Accommodations

If we talk about modern kitchens, then accommodations of appliances in the units are one of their great features. The appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, etc. should be incorporated well in the kitchen units to make the operation more comfortable and pleasurable.

  • Functionality

Everything used in designing the kitchen should be of high quality for its long term durability and smooth functioning. For example, the materials for kitchen units, the hard wares which include hinges, basins, taps, drawers and pull trays, etc., the tiles, and even the paints. Nothing should be compromised.

  • Finishing

Last but not least, finishing is all that appears on the surface. Therefore, the cabinets and the choice of their covers (wooden, metallic, or glass), the tiles, the paints, the contrast between the furniture and everything else should be done beautifully and wisely.

Islands In Kitchens

The use of islands in the kitchen is still a topic with different opinions. Its selection in the kitchen depends on the user. For some, it is a useless expense that also obscures the movements in the kitchen ground area. While for some having an island is a great idea which serves both as a worktop as well as a sitting area. However, islands are not suggested for smaller kitchens as it can make the place look disarranged.

Some Modern Kitchen Styles

  • Minimalist kitchens

The minimalist kitchen works on the principle of as much as possible with as little as possible. It’s an excellent idea for people who don’t like cluttering of unnecessary things around them. It also offers simplified alignment and well-integrated units.

  • Rustic kitchens

As the name suggests, this is a fantastic blend of traditional style kitchen with modern interiors. Using brick walls, large ovens, stoned floorings, and traditionally designed cupboards. It gives a warm and homely feeling.

  • Industrial kitchens

This kitchen style uses metals mainly in the working areas. Hanging lights, exposed walls, metallic worktops reminds that of industrial or professional eateries.


Modern kitchen designs use innovative ideas like clever storage, recessed lights, integrated fridges, magnetized bands, and neutral shades to bring the best out of best. However, a customized and self-designed kitchen reflecting one’s taste is always a consideration for the designers.

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