Add the Joy of Country Apple Kitchen Decor

country apple kitchen decor theme

Country apple kitchen decor is perfect for those who enjoy a healthy diet and appreciate simple, homey design. A country apple motif’s cheery tones are often associated with wholesome foods – favorites, including apple pies, fruits, and salads. The colors that comprise this style are usually muted with a neutral tone or pale. Neutral tones such as tans, grays, and earthy browns are frequently seen.

Highlighting Features

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A country apple kitchen can be created in several different ways. For instance, you can highlight one feature of the theme, such as a country apple display case or a country apple clock. Or you can create a more eclectic look by combining multiple elements from different themes. For example, rustic, distressed furniture is great with apple country themes. Matching accessories can provide the finishing touches, including wooden plaques, floral arrangements, and wall art.

This style is also known as “back to nature” cuisine. Many people associate this with English country cottages, log cabins, and country gardens. To create a country apple kitchen, use earth tones such as creams and beiges and yellow, orange, or cream accents. Add colorful fruit baskets or vases filled with seasonal fruits and vegetables—place crackers and bread in plain sight to complete the look.

Use Of Natural Materials

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Unlike many other kitchen styles, this one promotes the use of natural materials whenever possible. For example, it is not unusual to see an apple tree in a country theme. Instead of using wrought iron, choose woven baskets for accents. Decorating the kitchen with natural elements allows you to create a relaxing atmosphere that is conducive to eating. Wicker baskets, rustic tables, and wood accents are just a few ideas for integrating natural items into your kitchen decor.

Themes involving food make it easy to incorporate various items such as deli platters, salt and pepper shakers, and other farmhouse items into your country apple kitchen decor. You can also use the country apple theme to replace standard kitchen appliances such as garbage disposal, stove, and dishwasher. In this way, you can bring nature inside the home while providing a cozy ambiance for eating.

Use Neutral Colors

Another way to bring the outdoors in the kitchen is to use neutral colors, especially when painted on the walls. Using white, cream, or off-white paint and other country apple motifs can make the space look very inviting. However, you should avoid going with blue and green shades, as they can seem harsh and overwhelming. Instead, opt for light colors to brighten the room and provide a relaxing environment for you and your family.

One great way to use this theme in the kitchen is to go with an antique country apple style. This theme generally focuses on sharp contrasts, such as a sharp black and white contrasting perfectly against a bright yellow wall. Adding touches of gold or Rosemary can add a nice touch to this particular style. Accent it with a classic wooden country apple top. Complete the look with wooden flooring and add ceramic pottery or Terra cotta tile art to the walls.

Final Words

When creating this country apple theme, you might consider using accessories with a country apple motif. For example, you may want to use old painted canisters, old wooden spoons, and wooden cooking utensils that have been painted a color that complements your country apple motif. Complete the accessories by adding table cloths in shades of country apple red, yellow, or orange. Or, keep things simple by using a colorful woven rug. Finally, choose coordinating table linens and tableware in country apple country theme colors. By simply keeping everything in mind, you can easily create the perfect country apple kitchen decor theme.

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