Bring the Warmth and Beauty of a Far Western Home to Your Kitchen With Farmhouse Style Kitchen Cabinets

farmhouse style kitchen

A farmhouse style kitchen is a combination of rustic and traditional design. Unlike a modern kitchen, which is often made of stainless steel and high quality materials, a farmhouse kitchen is made out of wood, stone, and earthy colors. Although the majority of the items in a farmhouse kitchen are made of wood or stone, the range of choices for countertops and appliances is wider than that of a kitchen in a standard house. Farmhouse kitchen countertops are usually granite, slate, or ceramic tile. They may also be finished with hardwoods, such as cedar.

Farmhouse style kitchen focuses on

Kitchen Cabinets

A farmhouse style kitchen generally focuses on functional, natural materials. It is more unpretentious,and celebrates individual pieces and imperfections with rugged appeal. The typical farmhouse sink, or arbor front, plays an important role in this design and comfortably accommodates wide plates. In rural settings, a more unusual option would be a wall mounted farmhouse sink. In fact, the trend towards large farmhouse sinks has begun to fade away, as people have become more aware of the importance of saving energy.

Interesting and unusual options about farm kitchen sinks

Kitchen Cabinets

Although not particularly rare, there are a variety of other interesting and unusual options when it comes to farm kitchen sinks. One example is a sunken sink – a type of sink which stands entirely under water, providing a unique and unusual way to prepare food. Another option is a raised cabinet below the sink. This cabinet can be crafted from wood, metal and a variety of other materials, but in general is formed from a single piece of wood. A raised cabinet gives farmhouse kitchens extra storage space whilst taking up minimal floor space.

However, perhaps the most unusual option, and certainly the most unusual kitchen fixture, is that of the free standing stove. These unusual free standing heaters are very popular among those wanting to make an old fashioned farmhouse look very modern. In most cases, you will be able to find these free standing heaters either standing on their own, or attached to the wall. The advantage of these heaters is that they are the ideal solution for anyone who wants to cook on the go, and also for anyone who enjoys being away from the regular kitchen.


When it comes to farmhouse kitchens, one of the key features is the ceiling. Any farmhouse kitchen needs to have a great and warm ceiling that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. If your farmhouse kitchen has a low ceiling, then this is an excellent choice as this will allow you to make use of natural light to bring a sense of warmth to your kitchen. However, if your ceiling is higher than the rest of the room, you can bring warmth to the room by installing windows and installing some modern style lighting.

Rustic furniture

Another great aspect of a farmhouse kitchen is the addition of some rustic furniture. One of the best ways to bring a rustic look into your kitchen is to add in some large rustic looking pieces of furniture like wooden benches. You could even add a small wooden table and chairs, with maybe some crockery on the table, a few wall hangings and perhaps a couple of binoculars. By using items such as these, you will create an inviting atmosphere in your kitchen which encourages people to sit and eat with you. This is what we call creating a farmhouse style kitchen.

Range hood 

There are other items that you may wish to include in your farmhouse style kitchen cabinets. For example, you may want to invest in a range hood. A range hood is an essential item for anyone who really enjoys cooking in the open, and you can get these in a huge variety of different designs, shapes and sizes. Some of the best farmhouse style kitchen cabinets that I have seen have been fitted with range hoods, so you can get the maximum amount of light into the room.

Pendant Light

The final thing that I would like to mention here is a Pendant Light. A Pendant light is perfect for bringing the feel of an open space to your farmhouse kitchen. One of the most popular items with farmhouse kitchen cabinets is the farmhouse style table, and a Pendant light fits right in at the base of the table. You can get beautiful, elegant Pendant lights made from all sorts of different materials, including brass and copper. One thing that you must be aware of when choosing your farmhouse kitchen cabinets is the fact that you are choosing solid, unbroken wood. If you choose solid wood then it is possible to achieve some truly breathtaking effects by fitting in several different items, such as a Pendant Light, under the table.

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