Chili Chicken Recipe In Indian Style


The chili chicken dish is a popular food recipe. You can find it on the menu of several Indian and American restaurants all over the United States of America. Many Indians and Asians enjoy this dish along with Americans.

You could say that chili chicken brings everybody together. In this article, we bring you an Indian twist of the recipe. It is easy to prepare. The preparation of the dish takes close to 30 minutes, but you need to ensure that all the ingredients are ready to cook.

Indian Version Of Chili Chicken

To prepare the Indian version of the Chinese chili chicken, you will need boneless chicken, soy sauce, corn flour, and tomato ketchup. You also need some ginger paste, chili sauce, vinegar, eggs, and green chili.

Indians love their spices and heat. If you are not particular about the spices and heat, then you can use them likewise. For Indians, several green chili can used. You require capsicum, onion, Ajinomoto, vegetable oil, and salt.

The boneless chicken has to be cleaned and cubed. Place it inside a large bowl. Now you can pour in some soy sauce, tomato sauce, corn flour, chili sauce, and ginger paste. You also need to add some salt, eggs, and vinegar.

All the ingredients to mixed and marinade for a few hours. It is best to leave overnight. That allows all the ingredients and flavors to come together. Take a saucepan and pour some vegetable oil onto it on medium flame.

The marinaded chicken can fried for a few minutes and set aside. The mix must be thick and remain on the pieces of the chicken. The thickness of the chicken depends on the amount of the cornflour added.

Chili Chicken Recipe In Indian Style
Chili Chicken Recipe In Indian Style

Twisted Style Of Indian Cooking

Now, with the help of the non-stick pan, pour some vegetable oil and fry the chili, onion, and capsicum for a few minutes. Let them cook for some time. Once they are browned and cooked, add some salt to them.

Reduce the flame to ensure that the mix does not stick to the pan. If it is too thick, then you can add some water to it. The fired chicken can added to the mix when the sauce is ready. Allow it to cook for some time the dish is prepared to serve. 

You will then want to add some Ajinomoto into the dish and cook it for a few minutes. Since this is an Indian twist, you do not want to add too much of spices and confuse the consumer. Too many spices can eventually spoil the broth.

Chili Chicken Recipe In Indian Style
Chili Chicken Recipe In Indian Style

You can also decide on the number of ingredients; you plan to use in the dish. It depends on the taste of the individual. Here is a reminder. You will want to keep an eye on the amount of salt you have added during the cooking or marinade.

That is because you will be adding loads of sauce you do not want the chili chicken dish to become salty. The plate should be sour, but not salty. Hence, you will want to keep this pointer in mind.