Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets And Other Concepts For Your Home

contemporary kitchen cabinets

Contemporary kitchen designs are high in demand because their eco-friendly and have a clean but advanced style. They combine modern style with minimalism. Everybody is looking for a contemporary design to be integrated into their current house design especially in the kitchen areas and one of the best ways to do that is to change the cabinets. It is not possible for everyone to have the budget for a complete makeover but simple changes like these with minimal but would make a lot of difference. In this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about the contemporary design in the kitchen. 

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets – Contemporary Design

This design uses glass and smooth finishes. At times natural materials like stones and light woods are also used. They use horizontal lines in the layout of the cabinets and counters. Other styles include squares, curves, globes, diamonds, angles, and rectangles. A lot of accessories are combined with contemporary cabinet designs. Such as various types of pantries, pull-out base cabinet storage if one has extra space, pull-out cabinet step stool to reach the topmost items, etc. These accessories improve the functionality.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets – Cabinet themes/designs

A large kitchen with stainless steel appliances

Contemporary cabinets are sleek and have a more angular design with little ornamentation. They are super functional and streamlined. The themes include simple design and clean lines. There are two types of cabinet doors – Shaker and Flat-front. Doors also provide a distinctive style depending on how you do it. Some samples of cabinet doors include flat-paneled door style, slab cabinet door style, and horizontal wood grain slab doors. 

Some of the fashions of cabinets include shiny countertops of white crystallized glass, wood elements to give a warm vibe, or stainless steel. Designers provide simplicity regarding the cabinet doors and frames. They avoid excessive detailing. Recent trends also include midcentury modern design featuring bold angles and curves. Such themes give your kitchen a spacious look and airy feeling. 

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets – Materials And Color Palette 

The materials commonly used in contemporary style include fabricated materials such as plastic, metal, glass, and concrete. Designers also use semi-opaque or frosted glass. At times they also include plastic laminate or wooden veneer. The difference between contemporary cabinets and the old, traditional ones is that they mix and match several materials. Classical ones used only one material, for example, only wood. But contemporary cabinets can include laminate, glass, and wood together. 

Similarly, there is a difference in the color scheme between traditional cabinets and modern, contemporary ones. Contemporary cabinets use bolder colors like fluorescent greens and yellows, unlike traditional ones. For a contemporary kitchen, the color scheme usually used is neutral colors with the add-on of bold colored accessories and accents. Contrasting the colors of the cabinet with the flooring, countertops, and backsplashes make for a riveting look for the kitchen. For example, gray wall cabinets provide the proper contrast with white base cabinets. Such opposites are often made use of in contemporary kitchens.  


Such contemporary cabinets offer a subtle elegance to your kitchen that never goes out of style. And you can mix and match the styles, colors, and materials to get the ideal kitchen cabinet for yourself. 

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