Design Ideas For Kitchen Window

Design Ideas For Kitchen Windows

When re-modeling the kitchen, most of us skip giving the kitchen window a newer appearance. We think it as a standard window and leave by either removing or adding a new set of the curtain. But it plays a significant role in maintaining the entire ambiance of your kitchen. With proper ventilation and light, the positivity of your kitchen can enhance your mood. Most of us start our day by making the warm mug of coffee for ourselves. In that case, maintain the proper energy is quite essential. Apart from decorating with plants and curtains, let’s check a few modern kitchen window ideas to decorate the kitchen detailly.

Design Ideas For Kitchen Windows
Design Ideas For Kitchen Windows

The Roman Shades – Four Amazing Kitchen Window Ideas To Try Today!

If you’re planning for a neutral tone kitchen, adding roman shades on the kitchen windows can be a polished look. shades are available in a wide range of fabric. The most convenient part is the roman shades can tolerate grease stains and food spots. They are easily cleanable and look authentic for a large or small kitchen area.

You can also try colour themes. For instance, if you seek a monochrome design, try applying roman shades of beige or black colour. This is ideal for a gothic and dark theme kitchen space.

Add Color With Kitchen Blinds

Imagine! You wake up and enter the kitchen for breakfast. All you see is a warm pink luminance in the morning light. Will it not be a great way to start the day? Yes? Then this style is perfect for you.

If you have chosen a natural colour for your kitchen walls and drawers, try playing with accent shades. For smaller kitchens, this is a great idea to enhance the decoration as well as the space of your kitchen.

There are a lot of Venetian Blinds available online. Select one of your choices. You’re good to go!

Don’t Forget The Exterior

While decorating the insides of the kitchen, the exteriors often get neglected. Let’s try a slightly different decoration this time. Instead of caring about the lights, curtains, shelves et cetera, why not decorate the exterior of the kitchen window?

Design Ideas For Kitchen Windows
Design Ideas For Kitchen Windows

After all, who would not love to see beautiful flowers outside the kitchen window!

If you love flowers, install a box (same length of the window) outside the kitchen window. Make it seem like a flower garden. Plants like thyme, lavender, and basil serve as a functional cooking ingredient and thrive low maintenance. You can use them for cooking or sometimes opening the windows to enjoy the amazing lavender scent.

Save Space: Use A Kitchen Window Film

If you have a tight and congested kitchen, this hack is a lifesaver for you. To decorate the window above the sink, try using a window film. There are many window designs available online. All you have to do is, select one of your choices and install them in your kitchen space. The style not only looks cool but also maintains the privacy of your kitchen and dining area.