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Effortless Coffee Kitchen Decor Theme Ideas

coffee kitchen decor theme

No matter how your kitchen’s style is, a fun coffee kitchen decor theme can be a way to express your passion for this beverage. There are many ways to add a coffee theme to your kitchen, from wall stencils to vintage decor items. Start the process by identifying your kitchen’s color palette and style. Consider these two elements while choosing your coffee kitchen decor items. If you can’t decide on a specific theme, start adding pieces one by one slowly. Here are a few fantastic ideas to amp up your kitchen with a coffee kitchen decor theme.

Ways To Set Up A Coffee Kitchen Decor Theme

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Coffee Themed Wall Decor

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As walls are the main parts of your kitchen, decorate your kitchen walls with coffee-themed elements like wall stencils, cafe signs, posters, etc., or you can create your collages. Add in some three-d metal sculptures to make your walls eye-catching. For a contemporary coffee kitchen decor theme, add some black and white coffee-related prints to show off stainless accents in your kitchen. Add vintage-inspired artworks and posters if you are going for a vintage coffee kitchen decor theme. For a colorful kitchen, add fun prints and arts as your wall centerpiece.

Coffee Themed Elements

There are many ways to add coffee themed accents to your kitchen, like using coffee design table cloth on your kitchen table. Add an accent to your kitchen windows with coffee themed curtains. Use coffee design rugs on your kitchen floor and coffee design kitchen towels. To store tea bags, sweeteners, or coffee beans, use coffee house canisters. Add some colorful and unique Fiestaware coffee mugs or cups to your kitchen table. To complete your coffee kitchen decor theme, consider adding coffee-themed art tiles to your kitchen floor.

Other Coffee Kitchen Decor Theme Ideas

Paint your kitchen walls in rich coffee shades like brown and mocha.

Use coffee beans as decorative items, like fill them in clear bottles or jars.

Use coffee mugs or tins as planters to hold your herbs and succulents, or use a glass coffee pot as a terrarium.

Add a coffee-themed clock for a vintage look.

Display rules of the kitchen or a mini menu on a chalkboard.

Add a coffee scented candle for brewing aroma feeling.

Add comfy coffee theme printed cushions to your bar stools.


To build your coffee kitchen decor theme, think about coffee as more than just a drink: how can you imagine coffee beans? Coffee plantations filled with greenery? Imagine traveling from coffee growing areas? Various flavors that enhance coffee like cinnamon, vanilla, pumpkin, hazelnuts, etc., foods that accompany a cup of coffee like doughnuts, muffins, etc. The possibilities are endless. Try and implement all your imaginations on your coffee kitchen decor theme with the help of our suggestions mentioned above.

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