Elephant-Stuffed Kitchen Decorating Idea For Kids Rooms

elephant-theme kitchen decor

An Elephant-themed kitchen is a charming and whimsical theme for many homes. The theme comes from the gentle, friendly qualities of elephants, which are strong, resilient creatures. Such a theme is ideal for a child’s room, where a lot of whimsy can occur. It is one of the most popular motifs used in nursery decor.

Nurture And Love Animals


Children love animals, and it is fun to have a theme that inspires them to nurture and love animals. Parents also appreciate a theme that their children love. This theme provides something for the whole family to play with and to enjoy. A theme like this can stimulate the imagination and creativity of children, as well as make playing with their toys more exciting.

When decorating a home around an Elephant theme, the primary consideration should be the flooring. This is true regardless of whether the home is a baby’s room for a child’s room, or a man’s home. The floor is the best place to showcase an Elephant theme, as it is large enough to show off the distinct characteristics of elephants. Wood, ceramic tile, carpet, and linoleum are all common surfaces suitable for this decorating theme.

Upholstery Options For An Elephant Theme


Many people are surprised to learn that there is an abundance of wallpaper and upholstery options suitable for an Elephant theme. In fact, you can find a great deal of choice when it comes to wall art, which is ideal for use in conjunction with your favorite Elephant design. Some individuals even elect to use pictures and photographs of elephants. These can be found in any size and style imaginable. You might even elect to hang actual paintings or sculptures of these animals.

Because of the popularity of this theme, many people are creating websites and products geared toward this theme. There are even recipe books and cookbooks that are specifically aimed toward providing inspiration for decorating homes in this fashion. While many people use these themes for the kitchen, they can also be used in any room of the house. The important thing is to remember that the primary focus of this decorating idea is to bring to life an elephant. As such, a little care is necessary when using this theme, since an unbalanced pattern or color scheme could make your home look odd and out of place.

 Use Complimentary Colors For 3-D Appearance

For those who would like to bring to life a more 3-D appearance of an actual elephant, the best way to do so is by using complimentary colors that complement the unique markings on an actual elephant. You can use blues, reds, and greens that will help to give the room an overall warmer feeling. This will be especially effective if you are using the Elephant theme for a home office or bedroom. Remember, though, that an Elephant theme will tend to draw more attention to your furniture and other interior decorations in a room than a traditional country-style theme would. If you would prefer your interiors to blend in with a plethora of colors, you should consider using pale blues, tan, or cream colors.


To get started on your decorating project, start browsing the Internet for pictures and ideas of what you would like to do. You can also get inspiration for your own theme from books about interior decorating, or by watching home videos of those who have made use of the particular decorating style. When you start shopping for elephant-themed kitchen decorating ideas and supplies, keep in mind that you’ll also need a large variety of linens, dishes, tableware, cups, and more, along with other accessories such as curtain tie backs and shoe covers that will help tie the whole theme together.

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