Grey Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Grey kitchen designs are one of the most popular kitchen designs these days. This is because grey kitchen ideas have versatile options, they look modern, classic, contemporary, and traditional at the same time.

While many prefer an all-white kitchen, mixing with a grey palette won’t be a bad idea. Grey cupboards, grey tiles, grey doors, and other grey decors can give your kitchen a sophisticated look.

Is grey kitchen what you have been looking for?

Searching for a new way to renew your kitchen is a very tough decision. with alternatives all over, one could be overwhelmed, even if he/she is a decoration lover. To make things easier for you, we have compiled grey kitchen ideas that will make you consider grey hues in your kitchen.

Light or dark?

A kitchen with a stove top oven sitting inside of a room

 This depends on your preference and the space you are working with. If your kitchen is small and has limited natural light, choosing a dark grey will make it look darker and tinier, therefore, you should go for light grey. This is because light grey will reflect light into the room thereby amplifying the brightness of the kitchen. Deep grey on the other hand will absorb light and make the kitchen darker.

Painted or stained grey kitchen cupboard

A modern kitchen with an island in the middle of a room

Painted cupboards offer an even fresh shading, and can be effortlessly cleaned. Stained cabinets, however, have a visual surface which features the wood underneath. With a proper covering, a kitchen with grey painted cabinets can likewise be effectively cleaned.

Cool or warm?

Grey is usually seen as a straightforward shading, it is entirely affected by reds, yellows, and blues. The influencing hint or tint can cause a grey tone to look cooler or warmer. For example, a grey with a blue suggestion will be a steely-conceal. To understand the grey shades that suit your kitchen better, you should try painting a chip of grey shades on something, then study them for a while and make the best choice.

Colour combinations for grey kitchen

Choosing the best color combination for your kitchen is very easy, this is because grey is a natural color as such it blends with almost all colors, you can choose a bright countertop color or a monochromatic-look, you can also choose marble or granite to complement.

Another color idea in the design of grey kitchens is combining two colors in your kitchen, this works perfectly if one of the colors is grey. But you should stick to similar intensities and colors. For example, you can choose, grey and electric blue, grey and cheery red also gives your space a sophisticated look.

The most popular trend in grey kitchen ideas is grey and white kitchen. This scheme works perfectly for a contemporary kitchen. This color combination keeps your kitchen warm and soothing while creating unity and harmony in the space.

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