How Has Your Kitchen Changed Over the Years?

How Has Your Kitchen Changed Over the Years?

Our dreams and visions of the future can leave us feeling a little light headed. We may get inspired to create the perfect kitchen changed over with all of the latest technologies, and all the bells and whistles. Hence, a Kitchen of the Future may seem like a much more attractive prospect than what we have now. However, can our Kitchen of the Future fulfill all of our dreams?

Kitchen of the Future

It is my contention that the kitchen of the future kitchens will include multiple tasks within a single kitchen. There are several ways that these tasks can be separated. A person can be arrange the tasks into the following groupings as follows:

How Has Your Kitchen Changed Over the Years?


This task must include washing of the clothes and being able to separate them from each other. Then placing them and their sizes in separate bags or boxes, cleaning the dryer and putting them all back into the dryer. Clothes can be hung up on hooks. Therefore, this laundry task can be grouped into individual items of laundry. These are, trunks ironing, ironing shirts, ironing pants, ironing socks, ironing boots. Perhaps, ironing shirts again, ironing jeans, ironing pants again, ironing socks again, etc.

Prep Work

Prep work will require preparation and cleaning of all food items. Therefore, they are used in the meal. Furthermore, the prep work must be completed before the meal is prepared and served.


Meals are prepared and eaten within the Kitchen of the Future. It is suggested that a person eat out and not cook meals. Additionally, the meal preparation should involve preparing and using counter space to prepare the food item, hence, preparing the food item prior to putting it into the oven. And serving the foods from the prep area or preparation area that was prepared and served on the same day it was prepared.


Dishes are prepared and served on the same day they are prepared. They can be prepared while waiting for the next batch of food to arrive from outside. Perhaps, they can be prepared by the individual chef. Maybe some combination of the two.

Clean Up

Clean up includes everything the person in the Kitchen of the Future does with the cleaned up mess. It can include cleanup in the kitchen, in the garage, at the park, etc. This will include tasks that require the person to spend time in the kitchen. Cleaning the pot, pans, countertops, floors, walls, lights etc.

Food Prep

Food prep is part of the actual cooking of the meal. Preparing the ingredients is the first step in preparing the meal.


Cooking. Preparing and cooking for guests is part of the cooking, and cooking itself. For preparation and cooking. Cleanup and clean up are part of the cooking.


Serving the final menu of food will be the primary focus of the Kitchen of the Future. The food served to guests will be prepared in the kitchen.

How Has Your Kitchen Changed Over the Years?
How Has Your Kitchen Changed Over the Years?

Dining Out

There is a tendency to do away with the kitchen. That is when we go out to eat or at social functions. And to bring the dining out for that meal. However, as the final act of the meal. The dinner can be served in the kitchen, hence, the guests will walk into the kitchen and eat while a person prepares their dinner in front of them.

Why This Article is Important

This article is designed to spark your imagination and give you an idea of what could be in the dream kitchen of the future. Moreover, it is important that you know how your kitchen has evolved over the years and if it hasn’t changed much. Perhaps, it might not make sense for the future.

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