Ideas For Tuscan Kitchen Decor

A vase of flowers on a kitchen counter

Only then would you be able to achieve that fine and sophisticated look you desire. In addition to that, the selection of tables, benches and chairs should also be made with the same logic.

A good example would be the placement of the kitchen table. It can either be in the centre or on one side of the room. This is dictated by your choice of food and wine. If it is going to be used for gatherings, you may put it in the middle so that everyone can get to know each other more easily. If it is going to serve as an area for meal time, then you may put it on the side so that you and the family can have privacy when you are preparing food for that special occasion.

Magazines And Papers From Various Italian Cities

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If you are looking for some ideas for your Tuscany theme kitchen decor, the first thing you should do is to check out magazines and papers from various Italian cities. In these pieces of information you would be able to come across pictures of marvelous Tuscany villas and palaces. They would certainly inspire you to recreate them in your own home. After that you would need to choose between different themes.

You can opt for Tuscan decor if you want a countryside scene. If you want something even more exotic, you can choose something from the Mediterranean. If you want something that is closer to nature, you can go for something in the woods. For inspiration, you should always try to picture what natural materials look like. The colors they contain, the texture and even the smell will help you get the feel you want for your kitchen.

Start Thinking About The Colors

A vase of flowers on a kitchen counter

When you have decided on the type of material you want, you should start thinking about the colors. Now you will find it a lot easier to choose what colors you want to use. However, remember not to let it control your decorating. The colors you will find in magazines and papers can seem very strange when you are having it in your home. It is always good to use more than one color to make the atmosphere even more interesting.

Now once you have decided on these things, it is time to think about how you can decorate your kitchen. First of all you can choose a few items and then arrange them in a special order. This would give an impression of orderliness and thus make you kitchen look more inviting. You can also find many accessories for Tuscany decor in this theme that would go well with the way your furniture is arranged.

Mediterranean Pottery

For instance, if you are having a stove and a fridge in your kitchen, then you can combine them with a metal pot rack that has some plants on it or some Mediterranean pottery. The pots can be placed on top of the racks and then the plates can be put into them. If you want to keep your Italian kitchenware then you could decorate your cupboards accordingly. 

You can also use different types of rugs on top of your kitchen. For instance, if you are using a Tuscan theme and if you are using dark colors like black and dark gray then you would probably want to have some tulles and carpets over the area.


Tuscan kitchen decor requires you to be careful with the way you use colors and textures. You should not be carried away by this and you must keep in mind how this would fit in your home. Also you need to remember that the decoration is all about using small accessories sparingly and in some cases even neglected. You can get more information about Italian kitchen decor and other ideas for your kitchen from various home decorating magazines. You will get lots of helpful tips.

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