Italian Chef Kitchen Decor Theme – Create Themed Rooms With Simple Tricks

italian chef kitchen decor theme

They use locally available ingredients and combine them in a way that enhances the flavors rather than overwhelm them. There are many different styles of these cooks, each having its own flair, but they all serve the same purpose: to present local, seasonal produce in a style that will please the eye while bringing out the finest ingredients.

Starts With The Basics

A plate of food with a fork

An Italian chef decor theme starts with the basics. First, a butcher block counter is needed, to prepare the cutlery and other cooking tools. This will also be where dishes are prepared, from start to finish. It can be easy to overlook an important element of an Italian kitchen decor theme: lighting. Good lighting brings out the true colors of the produce and accents the wood and iron that create the motif.

A nice, sturdy Italian butcher block table is ideal for this type of kitchen. It’s large enough to accommodate the entire cook staff, including servers and the waiters, at one time. If possible, you should position it so that everyone can work at once. This will give everyone a chance to talk in a group, as well as create a more uniform appearance for the kitchen.

Once you have a good layout for your kitchen, it’s time to think about the actual design. Since Italian chefs use locally grown produce, it’s easy to replicate the look and feel of this cuisine. For instance, choose a similar table cloth, cutlery and napkins to match the produce from which it was made. This allows your Italian chef friends to visit and see the fruits of their labor in person, rather than just being satisfied by the produce in your grocery store. Even your plates, if chosen carefully, can have a similar look and quality as the produce they’re used to eating.

You may also want to use authentic pieces of equipment to complete the look of your kitchen. A platter or two will provide an accent piece for your kitchen decor theme. There are plenty of choices available, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find something to match the theme and create a delicious meal for your family. A decorative wine rack is another practical item to use along with the platter. It can help keep your glasses clean, and it’s a nice conversation piece as you talk with guests during meals.

Other items to include in an Italian kitchen decor are wall decorations, pizza ovens and other specialty appliances such as pasta machines. The type of decorative items you choose will depend on the overall theme you want to achieve within your kitchen. It’s not necessary to purchase every item on this list, but it certainly is useful to have them on hand for those times when you need them. It can also help your chef friends to know what is new in your kitchen when they show up unexpectedly.


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To get started on your Italian theme, start by looking at pictures of typical Italian restaurants. Pay attention to the colors and textures used and try to mimic them in your kitchen decor. Remember, one thing to remember about an Italian theme is that it’s all about food, so if you have trouble matching your kitchen cabinets and plates to the decor in your dining room, it may just not be possible to pull it off. However, with a bit of work and imagination, it’s possible to create the perfect Italian themed kitchen that will rival any expensive five star restaurants.

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