Kitchen Bar Ideas for Small Kitchens

kitchen bar ideas

Free-standing bar stools are a great and convenient way to host parties as you prepare meals. It also fills the empty space on your kitchen counter if you’ve got everything else built elsewhere on the wall. There are endless choices for kitchen barstools, so it’s easy to find one that best suits your personality and style. Whether you want a simple model or something ornate, you can find it. Just choose between the endless possibilities; go rustic and old fashioned or sleek and modern.

An Overview

A wooden table

Old fashioned is all about the basic kitchen bar ideas of just a simple flat surface on which to sit. This is perfect if your dining room table is too small to accommodate the bar; you can even have it custom built to fit into the space perfectly. It’s also a great idea for breakfast bar kitchens, since the seating area doubles as the kitchen sink. If you want to set up a breakfast bar throughout the entire kitchen, consider one that comes equipped with an island and matching stools to go along with it.

Rustic is a term that applies to those kitchen bar ideas with curved lines and heavy timber. They’re usually short and wide, just enough to hold a glass. These are great for families with children; they’ll be comfortable no matter what you do and they won’t be stepped on or dropped. You can buy these from most furniture stores, although some specialty woodworking shops will have a better selection.

Elegant Designs

A glass cup on a table

In the dining room, kitchen bars with stools are the height of elegance. Round ones work best because you can add drop leaves for extra flair. These work best when paired with wooden or plastic tables and chairs. There are limitless kitchen bars and seating ideas that feature these two styles; consider them if you need more seating for your growing family.

Want a granite breakfast bar in the kitchen? There are many kitchen bar ideas with granite or marble tops. They look ultra modern and add a touch of elegance to any kitchen. If you already have a kitchen countertop that is granite, there’s nothing to stopping you from adding a marble or granite top. It doesn’t even matter whether or not it matches your current countertop; either option will look amazing.

Bar Stools

Other kitchen bar ideas with modern kitchens include bar stools. These are the perfect complement to a bar counter. If you already have a few stools in your kitchen, feel free to use them. If you have a classic bar countertop, you can still use them with some creative designs on top. There are endless possibilities when it comes to bar stools in modern kitchens; there’s really no limit.

For even more seating options, why not think about a breakfast bar? Bar seating is ideal when there is limited counter space in the kitchen, but there is still room for all of your appliances and kitchen counter space. Bar seating is also a wonderful option for people who like to entertain, since they can put their drinks on hand and have a place to set their food on the table. If you are having problems brainstorming kitchen bar ideas, don’t be afraid to look online for some inspiration. There are a number of websites that feature different types of kitchen counters and seating, including breakfast bar stools and more.


The most important thing to remember when browsing through kitchen bar ideas is that you must be comfortable in order to make the best choices. If you’re not sure what kind of stool or bench you’d like to get, be sure to try them out before you buy them. This is the best way to find out whether or not they would be comfortable to use in your own home. While many stools can be fairly comfortable, sometimes it is better to spend a little more money on a higher quality stool, simply because it will last longer and provide a better experience overall.

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