Kitchen Cabinet Layout Ideas by Gamco – 3 Great Kitchen Cabinet Layouts

kitchen cabinet layout ideas

The most common U-shaped kitchen cabinet layout has become very intuitive and functional. Squashing the U Shape design into your kitchen gives you more space and the addition of a large eating area. This kitchen design by Cambria depicts a wide, flattened U-shape that includes an elegant iced counter top with elegant marble drawer fronts and snap in drawers on one side. The Cambria U has the ability to expand later, adding room for larger appliances, such as a baker’s rack or wine storage. The U-shaped kitchen cabinet layout by Cambria also has the ability to double as a breakfast bar as well.

An Overview

A kitchen with a sink and a window

The galley kitchen cabinet layout ideas by Cambria has sliding doors on each side of the U. These doors allow for easy access to all areas of the counter. Galley doors also offer more counter space as well as extra light. The Galley kitchen cabinet ideas by Cambria also includes two hinged doors on each side of the U, which allows for even more expansion.

The third popular U-shaped kitchen cabinet layout idea is the work triangle. The work triangle refers to the natural curvature found when an appliance such as the dishwasher sits at the center of a U-shaped work surface. The appliances in this work triangle should all be placed as close to the refrigerator as possible. Placing too many appliances in the work triangle will cause an eyesore and make cooking and cleaning much harder, since there is no room to reach items.

L Shaped Kitchen

A bowl of food on a plate

The L-shaped kitchen cabinet layout ideas by Cambria uses the natural shape of the L-shaped kitchen cabinetry layouts. The U-shaped edge of each appliance blends into the surrounding cabinets. This allows for easy movement and also makes it easier to view kitchen cupboards. A benefit of the L-shaped kitchen cabinet layouts is that they provide additional storage space and help define the layout of a kitchen. The most efficient use of limited counter space can be achieved with the L-shaped layout. In the L-shaped kitchen cabinet layouts, the smallest equipment tends to be on the far ends of each U.

The last of the three popular U-shaped kitchen cabinet layout ideas by Gamco remodeling includes the traditional square design with base cabinets at the corners and doors at the center. All the standard sizes of kitchen cabinets are compatible with the square base arrangement of these cabinets. The door arrangements can vary to accommodate the needs of the homeowner. If larger doors are needed to accommodate more items, these can be installed. Square kitchen cabinet layouts are extremely common and widely used.

Popular Kitchen Layout Ideas

The last of the three popular kitchen cabinet layout ideas by Gamco remodeling focuses on the semi-circular base and corner shelves. The idea behind this cabinet design is to provide more storage space without creating the illusion of more cabinets than are present. The semi-circular base has two levels and each level has a set of shelves. The center shelf is used for the most important items such as cookware and small appliances. Smaller items can be placed on the inside of the shelf.

When a home owner desires to install one of these kitchen cabinet layouts, the first step is to measure the area where the cabinets will be installed. It is a good idea to make note of the existing spacing between cabinets so that a layout can be designed that utilizes existing spacing. Once the layout has been created it can be approved by the homeowner. This kitchen cabinet layouts typically involves one main wall of cabinets, a sink or range, shorter wall units that connect to the main wall, and at least one corner shelf.


Before beginning work on kitchen cabinet designs, it is wise to take notes and compare similar designs. This way it will be easier for a person to identify common and unique elements that make the design unique. By comparing similar designs, it is possible to see what aspects of each design are most important to the homeowner. The placement of cabinets can vary depending upon how they will be used. If a person wishes to have an island in place, for example, there are many kitchen layout ideas by Gamco that incorporate islands into their designs.

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