Kitchen Design Basics – Basic Kitchen Design Tips

Kitchen Design Basics - Basic Kitchen Design Tips

Let’s start with the kitchen design basics, as the name suggests. This basically is the “basics” of a kitchen and it consists of things like the colours, materials, layout, etc. so let’s start there.

Amazing Kitchen Design Tips
Amazing Kitchen Design Tips

The colour theme of the kitchen design should match well with the other rooms of the house. The colours should complement each other as well as it is best to mix several colours together in order to achieve the best effect. A properly designed kitchen would have clean lines and clean design, no clutter, and not too much of it. You should look for the right blend between these two characteristics.

Kitchen Design Basics

If you have to create a lot of space in the room, then look for one that is going to be one significant “flow” area. This means that everything should flow smoothly from one point to another. For example, say you want your cooktop to be off the table, then the shelving could be off the wall, or stacked in several points in the room.

The design would also have to be built on a solid foundation. Many materials are available nowadays that do not require much extra maintenance, and yet they look great, such as marble, stone, wood, tile, and concrete. You could add accessories in such materials or not depending on what you prefer.

Kitchen Design Tips

The layout should be done based on the kitchen design basics. This means you would have to decide if the plan should be a two-walled or a three-walled kitchen. The differences are just that you have more space to work with and can use a lot more cooking areas. You could also try to combine a two-wall with a one-wall, with the wall being made of marble or stone. If you want a look similar to what I am talking about, then I recommend you go for the four-wall.

Another thing you need to consider is whether you want your one-walled or two-walled kitchen to have access to the island or not. You can choose a two-walled design with two islands, or you can select a three-walled design with three islands. The advantages of the two-walled design are its flexibility; while the three-walled design is better at providing stability for the island area.

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The lighting you decide to use would depend on the overall look of the kitchen. If you are going for a clean, modern design, then I suggest you go for lighting that reflects this. However, if you want a more European look, then you could use coloured light.

Lighting is not the only thing you need to consider. You also need to consider your storage options. If you want more storage, you can either have open shelves or open planers, and you can also choose to have cabinets where they are hidden.

Some things that you should also think about when designing your kitchen design are the appliances and their positioning. Consider things like having a refrigerator, cooking space, stove, and dishwasher above the island. Also, consider the height of your island, especially if you have to create more room for cooking areas.

The options for windows in your kitchen design are unlimited. You can choose between sliding, glazed, and blinds, and you could choose to have a double pane window or a single pane.

Bottom Line

Some Kitchen Design Basics
Some Kitchen Design Basics

Another thing that needs to be considered is the way they cook is positioned. To avoid unnecessary movement, some cooktops are designed with wheels, while others can tilt. It all depends on the type of cooktop you want.

Now that you know what kitchen design basics are, you should know what you should avoid in the design process. Use these tips to find the perfect kitchen design.

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