Kitchen Flooring Trends For the Next Decade

kitchen flooring ideas

It’s getting cold and I can see some kitchen flooring ideas popping up in your head…well, let’s face it, your kitchen flooring ideas are only going to get better with age! There’s no point in digging through garage sales and antique stores for flooring when there are so many ways to improve your kitchen floor that are both cost-effective and attractive. For example, cork flooring has been growing in popularity as homeowners seek out their ideal kitchen flooring ideas. Cork flooring has the benefit of being both heat and moisture resistant. It also has the unique ability to expand and contract based on the weather conditions under it (i.e. if it gets too cold, it’ll shrink back to its normal size, while if it gets too warm, it’ll expand again).

Cork Flooring

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In addition to being very affordable and durable, cork flooring is extremely easy to maintain. One of the most important kitchen flooring ideas for homeowners is to steer away from laminate and vinyl flooring options. These two flooring trends have proven to be expensive and time-consuming to refinish or repair. The biggest problem is that these two flooring options leave tiny gaps all over the room that can be very difficult to repair. These tiny gaps attract dirt, debris, and even spider webs which pose a health risk. If you want the most attractive kitchen flooring ideas, steer away from laminate and vinyl flooring.

Ceramic Tile Or Stone Tiles

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Consider using ceramic tile or stone tiles for your kitchen floors. These kitchen flooring ideas are great for both new and old homes because they are beautiful and durable. When properly installed, ceramic tile or stone tiles can last for decades! Plus, installing ceramic tile or stone tiles over laminate or vinyl flooring will give your home a clean and fresh look, without the cost and trouble of refinishing or repairing.

Bamboo Flooring

Another one of the many great kitchen flooring ideas is to use bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring is made from the fastest growing plant on earth, which makes it one of the most sustainable kitchen flooring ideas for homeowners. Bamboo flooring is so durable that it can withstand not only scratches and heavy objects, but also constant exposure to heat and moisture.

Natural Stones

One of the most popular trends in kitchen flooring is going with natural stone looks. Natural stone looks fantastic in any home but is especially appealing in ranch style homes. The thing that makes the stone look amazing is the color range it comes in. From warm caramel colors to vivid yellows, there are tons of color options when choosing stone as the kitchen flooring material of choice. Plus, because it is such a versatile material, stone looks great in a variety of styles, so it is easy to incorporate it into your style.


Tile is another one of the more popular flooring trends for kitchens in recent years. In general, tile looks great in almost any kitchen style. If you want to stay current, though, you should probably avoid the hot new colors like bright red or lime green. These colors are super trendy right now, but they will not be widely available for much longer.


Laminate is still one of the most kitchen flooring ideas. Laminate is made from artificial resins that are resistant to moisture and staining. Some laminate countertops even have the durability of real wood, but are far more affordable. If you have a stone countertop in your kitchen, you might want to consider giving it a coat of laminate to keep its beauty. If you really want to stay current, though, you can find many beautiful laminate countertops at affordable prices.

Wrapping Up

Hardwood is another of the most

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