Kitchen: How To Make It The Central Spot In Your Home

Kitchen Room: Heart Of The Building

All the meals are prepared in the Kitchen room. The kitchen room sizes usually depend on the lifestyle of the person, the space required. In overtime, there was a smaller kitchen as compared to modern days. The earlier kitchen was used just for cooking, and nowadays, the kitchen is not just a place to cook, people now design it to dine there as well. As time went ahead, new appliances came in the pictures, and people started giving more space to develop their kitchen.

Different Types Of Kitchen Layouts

Kitchen Room: Heart Of The Building
Kitchen Room: Heart Of The Building
  • Galley Kitchen

It is also called a parallel kitchen. It comprises of two parallel walls facing each other. There is a walking space in between them. It is the best suggestion for a small area. It is perfect for a one-cook kitchen. It utilizes every corner of the room, thus making it easier to design the cabinets.

  • L-shaped Kitchen

It is most suitable for small/medium-sized kitchens. Cabinets, counters, and appliances take two perpendicular walls and get the ‘L’ shape. Moreover, if any space is left, the person can add a dining table or a platform to utilize it as well as not making it congested.

  • U-shaped Kitchen

This design utilizes three walls of the room, giving the shape of a horseshoe. It requires a large shape to give this shape. This shape provides extra space for walking and working hurdle free. This includes space for counters, cabinets which provide enough space to work open and save time.

Modern Kitchen Room

  • One Wall Kitchen

It utilizes minimum space as possible. Cabinets and all the machines/equipment hang on a single wall. Though there won’t be much space available between two subsequent counters, in a small area, it is a space saver.

  • Peninsula Kitchen

This design adds the island to the wall cabinet itself. This eliminates the separate island compartment from the center of the kitchen. The additional platform is attached to the wall with other platforms and give it G shape.

  • Island Kitchen
Kitchen Room: Heart Of The Building
Kitchen Room: Heart Of The Building

It provides more storage space in the kitchen. With the compartments, cabinets, counters fixed in the wall, one can build an island in the center of the room. The island platform can be used as an additional counter or sink or cabinets. But this style needs much space so that there is proper walking area while you are cooking.

Division Of Cooking Space

  1. Cooking area

It includes stove, gas, appliances, etc

  • Storage area

This area has all the stuff which we want to store for a longer time, dry or moist. This includes grains, spices, etc.

  • Service area

After preparing the food, its last stage todo the presentation and served the food. This area comprises of all the stuff required to serve the food prepared.

  • Cleaning and washing area

Small utensils like glasses, small dishes, measuring cups, etc. can be washed in the kitchen sink itself.


As it’s said, “stomach leads to the heart of a person,” the kitchen is the area where food for the stomach is prepared. The kitchen provides the space to store, prepare the food, and nutrients our body demands.

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