Kitchen Lights: Kitchen Pendant Lighting With Some Details

A modern kitchen with an island in the middle of a room

Kitchen lights are the highlight to make the kitchen look all radiant. However, the kitchen pendant lighting is trending from the last decades. One can get their glimpse in the modern kitchen interiors quiet often. However, the large variety of interior colour options is enhancing the lighting powers too. 

This lightning decor offers a blend of brightness along with the style statement. However, it brings and gives a perfect finish to kitchen renovation. 

In this topic, you will get the answers to many of your doubts regarding these lighting options. So without any more wasting time, let get to the topic-

Kitchen Lights: Kitchen Pendant Lighting With Some Details
Kitchen Lights: Kitchen Pendant Lighting With Some Details

Kitchen Lights With Some Doubts To Get Clear:

I. Difference between low voltage and line voltage pendant light-

The primary difference between the pendant lighting fixtures that there is standard line voltage along with low voltage.the low voltage lighting turns the 120 volts of current to 12 volts. However, a very thin cable gets used to attach the light. Moreover, a very compact lamp gets used to fixture the low voltage lighting. For instance, there is an LED or halogen option. If you are looking for some mini lighting option, the low voltage is the best choice to take from.

The line_voltage is the standard home current. Therefore there is no need to get it to the transformer. The glass gets_hanged from the canopy. You just need to cut and adjust the wiring and metal to finish the fixtures. However, the standard line voltage charges a lot less than the low voltage pendant lighting. But the situation might vary from place to place. 

II. The number of pendant_lights to install:

Most of the house owner goes through a very hard time deciding the number of pendant_lighting to install. However, no right answer gets assigned to this confusion. However, most of them install around three most of the time. 

One might even find a number of pendant lights getting hanged. But two pendant lights get a common preference. More the number of places sitting on the kitchen island will help you jot the number of pendant lights. 

Kitchen Lights: Kitchen Pendant Lighting With Some Details
Kitchen Lights: Kitchen Pendant Lighting With Some Details

Some More Facts About The Pendant Lights

I. The Size of light:

After the number of light, the next very common question is the size of the pendant light for the kitchen. Well, one may go for personal_preference. However, there is a method to choose the size. Blow and tie some balloons. Add strings to the balloon and then tape them to the ceiling. They should resemble the pendant lighting. 

However, a balloon is just an option. You can add any material. Although the balloons work the best. This will surely help you decipher the correct size of the lamp. 

II. Height to hang:

Well, this depends on place to place.if the light will get hanged in the bar, then the height will be 30” to 36” above the surface. However, if the lighting will get hanged on the kitchen centre island, then the height will differ. The apt height for this will be 36” from the counter.

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