Kitchen Units: A Revolution In Design

Kitchen Units- A Revolution

The kitchen units, also known as the kitchen cabinets, are built-in cabinets that are fixed in floors and the walls of the kitchen. People use it to keep food items, groceries, dishes, tableware, and cooking essentials. People also incorporate electronic appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens in these built-in kitchen units. Kitchen units built on the floor are generally covered on top by a long marble or granite slab which is called counter. Kitchen units make work a lot much easier, allowing the users to maintain an accessible and hygienic kitchen atmosphere. Although this idea was centuries old, but it became very popular in the 20th century. And with innovations made now and then, today these kitchen units have re-conceptualized the trend with modern design.

Kitchen Units- A Revolution
Kitchen Units- A Revolution

Kitchen Units Constructions

The kitchen units use wood for the construction of its body, also known as carcass. The wood type depends on the choice of the manufacturer, varying from teak to oak. However, using wood for construction can prove expensive, so it all depends on the budget, choice, and availability. Solid wood choices also vary as teak is the most expensive of all followed by cherry, which is then followed by maple and lastly oak respectively. Other than solid wood, particleboard, and components of plywood are also very popular and convenient choice by the users. Particleboards and plywood offer the same sustainability sometimes lower, at reduced prices. However, whatever is the choice of construction, strength, and stiffness of the units are to be taken care of as it has to support heavy loads.

Constructors built the kitchen units on both face frame (traditional design) and frame-less designs. The frame-less designs are more popular as they offer more accessibility, better utilization, and convenience, unlike the face frame designs. Although, the doors in both the designs are mostly of overlay pattern.

Kitchen Units- A Revolution
Kitchen Units- A Revolution

Body (carcass)

People mostly use wood for the main construction of the body, but particle board also offers the same strength at a lower cost. It also provides uniformity and dimensional stability.

for the main construction of the body, but particle board also offers the same strength at a lower cost. It also provides uniformity and dimensional stability.


The unit’s door can be made of wood, plywood, metal or glass. Depending on the choice of interior, the look and the design can vary. Glass finished doors give an ornamental look to the kitchen units.

Drawers And Trays

With the innovation in kitchen unit’s trend, the drawers and trays play an essential and significant role. Almost every designer uses the idea of using drawers and trays. Reason being the comfort it brings along with it. It provides full accessibility to the units and prevents unnecessary bending and crouching, turning work into enjoyment. It uses maximum available space and optimizes the functionality of the units.


Hardware is the metal fixtures induced to the units for their function. These include hinges, door pulls, drawer pulls, magnetic locks, etc. Modern designs use soft push (a mechanism that allows the doors to close gently without noise and efforts) and push to open mechanism (a light push opens the door)

Kitchen Unit and Finishes

There are a lot of options for the finishing of the units, and new opportunities are added now and then in the fields of interior designing. The possibilities include opaque paints, spray paints, transparent finishes like varnish and lacquer, decorative glazing, toning, high-pressure laminates, melamine, thermos foil (plastic-based covering) and staining (thinner/water-based dye). Depending on the desire of finished units, one can choose the types of finish available.

Cleaning of the Kitchen Units

The cleaning of the units must be done regularly and correctly as it is a place of storage of food items. All the perishable and non-perishable foods need a clean place to be stored. The cleaning can be done with the help of microfiber cloth or feather dusters or only cotton clothes. If the unit gets stains and grease marks, it can be cleaned using warm water and grease solvents.


Kitchens are the most used rooms in every house. Therefore, its upkeep, interior, and requires cleaning with great care. Kitchen units help to take care of one of has made kitchen work, so trouble-free and pleasant.

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