Kitchen Wall Ideas for More Modern Cooks

kitchen wall ideas

If you’re tired of your plain old kitchen and want it to become something special, this may be the perfect solution. You can do this without spending a lot of money.

To begin with, let’s discuss some outdoor kitchen wall ideas. You don’t have to go with basic, white or black painted walls. For your inspiration, we have compiled a ton of outdoor kitchen wall ideas to help make your kitchen truly stand out! Show people who you really are by displaying your spice racks.

Create Floating Shelves

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Create floating shelves for large pots, spices, and other canned items. These shelves can be made of wood or metal and slide on your wall. This type of shelving is especially useful if your large kitchen has uneven walls. It also makes cleaning underneath the counters so much easier! The design of the shelves needs to coordinate with the style of the walls so pay attention to that as well.

A great way to utilize space is to empty your wall to display your collection of utensils. Why not organize your cookware in this way? For example, perhaps you have an olive oil rack and spoons, a rack to hold your silverware, or a set of serving utensils. If you have lots of these small items, why not use them for kitchen wall ideas? You can then store them off to the side when not in use.

Large Empty Wall Space For Crafting Projects

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Some families even use their large empty wall space for crafting projects. Kitchen wall ideas often include these projects. If you are a talented crafter, maybe you could make handmade items such as aprons or pie plates for the family’s meals. This is one of the best kitchen wall ideas because you can work in all the rooms, not just the kitchen.

If you have a large kitchen and don’t want to go retro, there are also some kitchen wall ideas using vintage decorating styles. This works best with neutral tones. You could paint a mural using vintage photos and fabric paint and hang it in one of your wall spaces. You can take a picture of your family and create a collage of images from old family pictures. If you love pin up girls, you could draw a vintage butterfly and frame it in the kitchen.

Decorating With Wood

Kitchen wall ideas can also include decorating with wood if you have an empty space in the kitchen. To make wooden cabinets look great, use beadboard on the inside of the cabinets. You can use a variety of beadboard materials including aged wood and hardware. If the cabinets are painted, you can paint a headboard with the same paint or use a darker shade for a more dramatic effect. To decorate the hardware on the cabinets, you could use beadboard too.

No matter what type of kitchen wall art decorating ideas you choose, remember that they are meant to be functional and be used in your daily cooking activities. You don’t have to spend a fortune to find great kitchen wall decorating ideas that will help you use your kitchen space well and look great at the same time. Beadboard, vintage posters and paintings are some of the best ways to decorate with these items. If you have a creative side, you can turn these items into some of your best kitchen wall decor ideas.

Incorporate Open Shelving In Your Kitchen

One of the best kitchen wall art decorating ideas for older people is to incorporate open shelving in your kitchen. Open shelving comes in so many sizes, shapes and colors, you’ll definitely find something that will capture your imagination. You might even decide to create a vintage scene by hanging vintage cans from your open shelving. You could also hang pictures on the shelves to make them look old and rustic.

If you have a nice open kitchen, you can add some rustic elements to it by using hanging herb garden hooks. These hooks can be suspended from the wall or attached to a kitchen island. You can then place pots, pans and other kitchen items on the hooks for easy access. Some hooks have small drawers underneath the hanging herbs. These drawers make it easy to find items when you need them.

Final Words

For the more modern touch of a country kitchen, use a wooden coffee station. Look around your kitchen at the wood in it and imagine how you’d like your coffee to smell. If you don’t want the wood to be so noticeable, paint the wooden coffee station in a lighter color, such as white. Add a colorful twist to your country kitchen wall decor by hanging harvest-style paper flowers on the wood or designing a country motif on the exposed brick walls.

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