Modern Country Kitchen Decor – Touches On A Historic Theme

modern country kitchen decor

These exquisite dishes reflect the bountiful produce grown in various regions of United States. The collection was compiled from the actual raw materials used in the construction of American Kitchens. To access this Modern Country Kitchen Decor at High Resolution, simply right click on the graphic and select “Save Image As”, and then you will receive this image containing Modern Country Kitchen Decor arranged in gallery style. This high resolution image is also available in pdf format for your convenient pasting.

The most fascinating element in these images are the aged wooden finishes which have been sanded and refinished to resemble the original finishes of the mid 1800’s. It is amazing how even a century and a half ago the craftsmen were able to create such intricate designs. This type of detailing and precision is not present anymore in today’s modern kitchens and the rustic charm has been stripped away. The rustic feel and relaxed atmosphere portrayed through this collection is truly exquisite. Many people find it to be an artistic masterpiece.

Summary Of The Design Concept

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The design concept of the Modern Country Farmhouse Kitchen includes an arrangement of basic farmhouse elements with western style farmhouse furniture. The colors chosen for this design concept are very warm and inviting; perfect for families with children and pets. Because the overall theme is one of family, the Farmhouse Kitchen brings together matching tables and chairs that complement each other in a very harmonious way. Some modern farmhouse kitchen decorating themes include European themes, which can appear in the materials used, colors and geometric shapes.

To add a truly unique and authentic feel to the design, use of natural materials such as rattan, wood, wicker and wrought iron is appropriate. For additional dimension and depth to the design, choose a particular item from the grouping that is sure to excite the guests’ interest. A kitchen island with a seating area is the perfect addition to any of these styles. To complete the look, consider hanging up bright colorful candles in pastel and shimmering shades.

Ideal For Sophisticated Designs Lovers

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Because it uses a lot of natural materials and simple design elements, the Farmhouse Kitchen is perfect for those who want an earthy but sophisticated appearance. For instance, use of natural stone on the kitchen counter top adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. Another great accessory to use an over-sized hamper of fresh flowers placed on an accent table. Another option would be a rustic style hamper on an open shelf. Just be sure to use accessories such as dish towels that coordinate and match the color scheme you have selected.


As you can see, it’s all about using your own individual style to give the room an identity. In most instances, you can find many ready-made kits for this purpose at any store selling home decor items. However, if you are looking for an elegant touch, then it is best to make the designs yourself. This way, you will be able to make an authentic and modern country kitchen decor that will be sure to please everyone in your home.

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