Modern Kitchen Designs and Lighting Options

modern kitchen design

When you look at modern kitchen design there is a clear focus on the style and function of the kitchen rather than the size, number of appliances or the shape and layout. Although the kitchen may be the heart of the home, it does not have to be the most expensive part of it. Modern kitchens are often smaller, but they have the functionality to make them an important feature of any modern home.

When you start off with a modern kitchen design you will be faced with some big decisions. One of these is whether to go for a contemporary or a modern kitchen design. Both styles have their own advantages and disadvantages. Modern kitchen designs make sure that both the space and lighting are optimising using cleverly devised kitchen storage solutions and clever use of available lighting.

An Overview

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The contemporary kitchen design tends to be sleek, simple and streamlined. It is characterised by straight lines and heavy materials such as stainless steel. Sleek contemporary kitchen cabinets are a great way to bring the eye upwards. They do not need to be hugely elaborate, although you can achieve a really sleek look by incorporating several different materials into the design. This could be wood, metal, glass or granite depending on your personal preference and budget!

The other big advantage to modern kitchens is that they tend to be far easier to clean than older designs. For example, stainless steel appliances and granite benchtops are non-corrosive and cannot rust, something which can happen with older pieces of cookware. Many modern kitchens still employ traditional kitchen designs with stainless steel appliances, however you can get a really sleek, minimalist style with very few accessories by choosing marble benchtops and glass tops. This can add a real finishing touch to any design, even if you have chosen a more basic style.

Modern Kitchen Design And Lighting

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As well as using a white, granite, stainless steel or wood veneer, you can enhance the look of your modern kitchen by incorporating a bright splash of colour. You may want to choose one colour or several to really pop. Think about incorporating some contrasting colours, such as orange, red or purple for the island, a tiled splashback, wall kitchen or island bar; if you are going for a distressed or brown tone, then consider pairing this with a brown kitchen wall tile. You can also create an interesting effect by opting for a marble countertop in conjunction with a black or brown floor or wall. Marble countertops are naturally a little harder to clean than granite, but they are a much more durable solution for your kitchen.

The other option would be to have a long, narrow kitchen island. With this design, the width of the space tends to be considerably longer than the height so you will usually find it ideal for cooking or entertaining family and friends. However, the downside of this style is that it will be difficult to fit in an eating area or a small cupboard underneath. A L-shape white kitchen island is an excellent compromise: it has plenty of room underneath for storage but is very narrow, so you can still comfortably fit in your appliances, cupboards and even a microwave if required.

If you prefer something more traditional then there is still a choice to be made, although you will have to compromise on colour. If you are going for a more traditional brown kitchen then there is plenty of scope for wood, granite or marble tiles, with perhaps a coat of varnish to give them a polished finish. Another option for wood is hardwood flooring, especially if your room has an additional rustic charm to it. Hardwood flooring is also much easier to keep clean, so it could be the perfect solution for a kitchen with a few dedicated messes!

In The End

Finally, think about lighting. It is often said that “less is more” and this statement is certainly true in the realm of kitchen designs. Although you may be tempted to go for overhead lighting in an L-shape or perhaps a single wall light, keep in mind that it is very easy to dazzle those in your kitchen with lighting which is not suitable. For truly dramatic effects, install multiple light fixtures, preferably running parallel to each other. In L-shaped or U-shaped kitchens, installing a row of recessed lighting above the work surface may be all that is required to create a dramatic effect. Remember that LED lights offer a very clean, refined look which is just as stylish as any other style of lighting currently on the market!

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