Modern Rustic Kitchen Design Styles

modern rustic kitchen design

Rustic Kitchen with Dark Wood Pallet and Concrete Countertop. Exposed rough wooden beams and floors add character to the rustic kitchen. Dark wooden cabinets take on a second dimension with the classic modern look of the dark concrete kitchen countertop, backsplash, and floor.

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Modern Rustic Kitchen Design

A room with a wooden door

A few design elements for modern rustic kitchen design are exposed rough wooden beams which are cut into planks, which are then exposed to the air for a short time. These beams are then finished with a thin veneer layer of plywood and a clear coat of paint. The exposed wood grains are then sealed with polyurethane varnish. This technique of finishing gives each item of wood a natural grain pattern that is visible when seen at an angle. Another method of using exposed wood beams is by using low relief handrails which are not polished.

One aspect of modern rustic kitchen design that has not been touched upon yet is the use of natural stones and timber. Natural stone walls and floors are very popular in rural homes due to their rugged texture and rich color. These items can also be utilized in the interior design of a cabin. Sandstone tiles can be used on the floor and throughout the walls to bring the rustic design to the exterior of the home as well. There are many other types of natural materials that can be used throughout the entire home, including cork, ceramic tile, and even pebbles.

The use of natural elements and rough woods is not only limited to the kitchen but can be applied to all rooms in the home. Even the bathroom and bedroom are suitable areas for the use of rough wood and stone. Many people prefer to use natural stone tiles in their bathrooms due to the warm atmosphere and relaxing soak of the tiles. Natural stone walls in bedrooms can be created in the same fashion as the kitchen by using wooden shutters on the windows.

A Much Ado

A bedroom with a bed and desk in a room

The kitchen is often one of the most forgotten parts of any home, yet it is the place where people spend the most time. Slab-built cabinets are not only economical to use, but they add a unique sense of charm to the home as well. The installation process of adding a slab-built cabinet is very simple and easy, requiring no tools or experience. This modern rustic kitchen design option is especially popular due to the fact that there are no moving parts, which allows for more efficiency during the installation process.

A contemporary kitchen island is another feature that many people are choosing to incorporate into their rustic design. This sleek and simple addition can instantly add charm to the room while providing additional storage space. Most islands will be made of solid wood and will feature smooth edges rather than sharp and squared corners. With a smooth matte surface, a person is not going to have to worry about chipping when using the cabinets.

Bottom Line

Rustic kitchens with open shelves are becoming very popular today due to the simplistic nature of this kitchen design style. Open shelves provide an opportunity for a person to show off their talents as well as showcase unique decorative items. For this particular kitchen design style, it is recommended that an individual purchase the shelves pre-made at their local home improvement store. Once purchased, an individual can install the shelves using the hardware provided. Many of these open shelf systems will come complete with a door already attached, but there are a few individuals who prefer to buy the entire unit from the beginning.

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