Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors For 2019

Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors For 2019

After materials, color is the second most important thing for any part of the house. Thus, kitchen cabinets are no exception. The kitchen cabinet colors should enliven it. So, here, you will find a few ideas that will not only make the cabinets beautiful, but the whole kitchen will look attractive.

Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors For 2019
Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors For 2019

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Though a single color looks good, you can combine it with others to accentuate the designs. For example, you can keep the upper cabinet white with a glass front to keep your beautiful cutlery. Keep the lower ones gray and covered. Use herringbone tiles in between to make the kitchen utterly attractive.

Light Gray

Are you not fond of bright hues? Do you want to give a traditional feel to the cooking area? Then it is wise to opt for light gray cabinets. They will go very well with tiles of neutral shades. Keep a wood table in the area. Keep the shelves open with pots and utensils neatly placed.

Beige For Kitchen Cabinet Colors

A gentle tone kitchenette is all you want to make it romantic. For that, you should choose beige-colored cabinets with shining steel handles. The walls should be white terracotta to give a soft and luminous look to the total area.

White Kitchen

Yes, it is hard to maintain the look and cleanliness of the white kitchen. You have to work hard. But, the look you will get by opting for white walls, white cabinets with sparkling utensils, and the black surface is unmatchable. You can keep a kitchen island attached with a sink. You can use it for cutting veggies or preparing food. Hang one or two metal lamps. These will accentuate the monochromic look of the area.

Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors For 2019
Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors For 2019

Wooden Texture

A classic kitchen always needs wood. Wooden cabinets, floors with wooden texture, and neutral walls will make the cooking area quite comfortable.

Golden Kitchen Cabinet Colors

You might know that a particular color can influence one mood and emotion. Thus, to make your kitchen appear vibrant, opt for the golden sun. The golden-colored cabinets look dazzling when the sun rays fall on them from the windows.

Mint Green

Do you want to make the kitchen look delicious? Then opt for a combination of white and mint green. Keep a small kitchen island where you can insert a chair. A bunch of flowers on it and two antique lamps on the ceiling are enough to give you a soothing kitchen. It not only looks attractive but luminous and romantic too.

Deep Indigo For Kitchen Cabinet Colors

If you like to display a bold style in the kitchen, then it is wise to opt for the deep indigo cabinets. Use golden handles to contrast. Terracotta tiles in lighter shades will highlight the cabinets.


One of the hot colors of this season is red. You can opt for red cabinets in the cooking area with neutral walls, tiles, and floors. Keep a beautiful vase on the cooktop with a bunch of blue flowers to heighten the look.

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