Organize Your Kitchen With These Kitchen Organization Ideas

kitchen organization ideas

Do you have a messy kitchen? Do you find that your counters are covered with a layer of food wrappers and trash cans? If so, you will need some new kitchen organization ideas. Organizing your kitchen can be difficult, especially if you have little to no experience doing so. However, with these handy tips you can have an easier time organizing your counters and getting rid of that clutter!

There are two basic kitchen organization ideas: the drawer and the cupboard. Drawers are extremely convenient. You can store almost anything there papers, folded laundry, pots and pans, candy, even your remote controls and they keep things neat and tidy. They are the best way to store things out of sight, though, so that you can save space in your kitchen cabinets for things that are more useful or needed on a daily basis.

The Basics 

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The most popular type of kitchen organization ideas involves the use of drawers and storage bins. Drawers serve both a practical purpose and a cosmetic one. They can store items that would otherwise just fall out of sight, such as canned goods, bags of chips, dishes, pots and pans, and other miscellaneous items. Some drawers even hold appliances, so that you can arrange your appliances in order of convenience, instead of in a messy, disorganized pile up.

Another of the kitchen organization ideas you might want to consider is using shelves and cupboard liners. You can install shelf liners on the inside of your walls to create shelves-slots which serve a number of purposes. First, they help keep everything organized by color and texture, as well as by size. Secondly, using a shelf liner allows you to create more space within your counters and cabinet spaces. Finally, they keep items from sliding around while stored away, which prevents accidents.

Small Spaces

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One of the most common kitchen organization ideas for small spaces is using pantry shelves. Pantry shelves are installed just below the ceiling in every single kitchen and serve to store just about every single item that you would typically find placed on the counter. Some pantry shelves even contain enough shelves to house all of the linens and towels that you may normally have in this space, saving you space and money.

Cleaning Materials

Some people don’t mind cleaning up their mess, but others are worried about the storage space that is used once their mess has been cleaned. In these cases, organizers are often used to create more storage space. For example, dishwasher shelves are often installed for easy access to the dishwasher, saving you the task of picking up your dirty plates.

Clutter Causes

Most people who organize messy kitchens usually do so because they feel like they don’t have the time or the skills necessary to successfully clean up a messy kitchen. However, organized cooks realize that oftentimes, a simple visual reminder can be just what is needed to remind them to get everything done on time. Kitchen organization ideas such as hanging your clothes from the ceiling can provide an instant reminder that you need to tidy up your counter space.


Closets, just like pantries, are a great source for storing everything you use on a regular basis but don’t necessarily want on hand. A variety of options exists for organizing your closet. Some closet organizers stack shelves on the floor while others offer racks for hanging items such as hand towels. Other options include installing small drawers in order to hold extra pair of socks, or utilizing the extra space in cabinets and drawers to store seasonal clothing during the year.

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