Paris Kitchen Decor Theme Ideas That Will Stun You

paris kitchen decor theme

When you remodel your kitchen and search for ideas from Parisian kitchens, you are in the right place. This guide will help you learn how to get the coveted look of Parisian apartment decor in every space of your house! Welcome to this version of Parisian cuisine.

Difference Between Parisian And French Country Décor

A house on the side of a building

There is a significant gap between Parisian home décor and French country home decor, considering what it might look like. Paris’s decorative style is undoubtedly French, but it is far more contemporary and streamlined than the French nation’s decoration. Parisian decor and furniture are seldom “distressed” and, with little blemishes, are mostly modern and minimal or traditional.

It’s Gorgeous!

A kitchen with a sink and a window

One feature that almost all the city’s best kitchens have is their affinity to white and the insightful way they utilize a neutral background. White doesn’t seem like an oddity here and behaves like the perfect blank canvas to paint whatever pattern and look you choose. But you still see rustic French lifestyle characteristics tossed into the mix. Color is used cautiously here, and sometimes the atmosphere is enlivened by culinary herbs and lovely houseplants.

Parisian Interior Structural Elements

It may be pricey to furnish your kitchen in the theme of a Parisian apartment since many of the components of the look are architectural. Think hardwood floors with herringbone, stone fireplace mantels, elaborate wall moldings, etc. But it doesn’t mean that any of the more specific decoration themes will not be incorporated into your home at a low cost.

Unmistakable Parisian Charm

Not all Paris kitchens are white and save space. There are many ideas for people who want to add color and vibrant accents to their open kitchen! Bright colors to make accent walls, multi-color blocks that leave you in this segment intrigued by colorful gold items that add glamor to kitchens. You would be struck by the aura of elegance here, which compares with the more austere inspirations of the kitchen above.

Limited Space in Kitchen

Space is perhaps Paris’ most valuable asset, and the closer you get to the city center, the more challenging you find the extra square yard. Therefore, the best kitchens in apartments in the city have many expansive features – concepts that all of us will take from. The stream of innovative kitchen storage here is almost endless, from the small kitchen islands on wheels to the wall-mounted cabinets, which merge into the white backdrop.

At Least One Baguette

If you are a true Parisian, you know how to ask for the traditional baguette in the bakery, which is still fresher than the regular baguettes for some reason. Of course, the only bread that a Parisian would ever consume the day she bought it was made. It’s a ridiculous concept for Parisians to believe the bread is either purchased, processed, or diced.

Copper Pots

In the kitchens of Parisians, antique copper cooking pots handed down from the family are always seen hanging about. These gorgeous pieces of cookware are breathtaking to look at, thus adding more energy to space than cold stainless steel, something that you certainly need to bear in those long, cold winters.

Last On The List: Marble Fireplace Mantel

In too many Parisian homes, marble fireplaces are mounted. Fun fact: it’s against the law to use them in practice! Yes, there were fire problems such that fireplaces in Paris could not be used; however, because of the elegance they offer the space, several apartment owners kept their fireplace vases intact!

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