Rustic And Modern Kitchen Decor Items That Can Enhance The Kitchen Looks

rustic and modern kitchen decor

With a bit of creativity, you can give your kitchen a sleek, modern look while also adding a rustic charm to it and the warmth of natural materials. The kitchen is the heart of the home, where meals are prepared and where friends and family gather for having the best joyous moments. So, a kitchen should be designed such that it clearly reflects someone’s personal style, personality, and the kind of impression they would like to create. One of the ways you can add to these is by giving your kitchen a rustic modern look that feels fresh as well as real and grounded.

Rustic And Modern Kitchen Décor

A stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen

If you like to design your dream kitchen with interesting rustic touches along with bright, modern touch, then you need to keep the following things in mind:

Incorporate stone and brickwork

When thinking of rustic décor, stone and brickwork are what come to everyone’s mind. You can add the beauty of stone even in modern kitchen design style as it is durable and adds texture. When blending it with modern décor, make sure to keep the design of the cabinet simple and try cladding a wall below cabinets with natural stone.

Stick to light paint colors

Think of light, soft colors for your rustic modern kitchen. Pastels and pale colors are perfect that gives the natural look of wood or brick. Incorporate the same theme through cheesecloth linens and tablecloths in the kitchen that will further enhance the overall look. Choose a rug or floor mat for your kitchen space having an earthier tone.

Give rustic designs a modern update

With rustic look comes wooden details however, to give your kitchen a modern look as well, make sure any wooden features have a sharp and sleek finish and incorporates clean and straight lines. Keep the space of your kitchen open and the interiors simplified. Use smaller items with texture and bit of color in order to personalize the space with your favorite things.

Choose the décor items that portray a modern rustic feel

Tell the story of a rustic yet modern kitchen with little pieces around the home such as refurbished items and driftwood-framed mirrors and tables.

Mistakes To Avoid

A person sitting on a wooden chair

With fun antique pieces, you can give your kitchen a rustic modern look however, avoid incorporating too much of it to not make it look cluttered and ‘not cozy’.

Avoid being too trendy and designing your kitchen with clashing colors, prints, or textures. Instead, stick with a neutral color palette.

Avoid harsh, bright lighting or colorful, bright lights such as neon. As lighting determines the comfort of a room, go with soft and warm light.

You want your kitchen to look cozy and not cluttered, so, purchase and arrange your furniture according to the number of people in your family. Simultaneously, make sure that the kitchen doesn’t feel empty but has an abundance of comfortable seating.


Rustic modern design is one of the most comforting and trendy designs today. People are drawn to it as they want their kitchen to feel comfortable yet stylish. So, with certain tips in mind along with few quality pieces, a perfect rustic modern touch.

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