Rustic Kitchen Cabinets – 5 Options For Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

rustic kitchen cabinets

For a country-styled kitchen, begin with rustic kitchen cabinets. These do not need to be made from leftover pallets or barn wood, threatening to give you shavings every time you open a cabinet drawer or cabinet door. Rustic cabinets are just as high-end and finished as something modern, but with a more natural, unfinished look, and with more character – like the rest of your home. They are more sturdy and require less maintenance, since they are not exposed to outside pressure.

To give rustic kitchen cabinets a weathered look, paint them a light brown or whitewash. You can get away with using darker shades if you are just doing a light touch up. Use paint that is specifically for unfinished wood, so that the color will not bleed through the finish, and that it will not scratch. Finish it off by using a good grade of sandpaper to remove any scratches, and repaint the cabinet door and drawer fronts in the same light shade.

An Overview

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There are several other kinds of wood species that make great rustic kitchen cabinets, including maple and hickory. Many people prefer these kinds of woods, because they are lighter in color, have greater strength than most plywood or particle board counterparts, and have a tendency to take on an aged appearance over time. The color can be lightened somewhat if you are trying to match an existing kitchen color scheme. One way to achieve this is to buy cabinets of the same stain and color, and to re-stain them after they are used a few times. For example, if you bought a dining room set with walnut veneers, and plan to stain it in a brownish hue over time, you could simply purchase walnut stain and do your dining room ones first, then do the other one.

In order to find the perfect rustic kitchen cabinets for your home, you need to consider several different styles, including American, country, Mission, Spanish Colonial, as well as European. The style you choose should have some kind of familiar look to it, which will lend it to being placed in a home as opposed to appearing to be a throw-away style. Another thing that helps in creating a cozy, warm atmosphere in which to cook is to choose a log cabin style. These kitchens have heavy rough woods with a log style finish, which has a unique look that sets it apart from other styles.

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

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When purchasing rustic hickory kitchen cabinets, the wood species to use are both elm and hickory. Both of these species are very plentiful and grow quite easily, making them ideal candidates for use with cabinetry. Also, they are considered to be very hardy trees that require little care, which makes it easy for those who are looking for an economical yet high quality option.

A very popular choice for kitchen rustic cabinets is the use of redwood. However, it is a bit trickier to work with than the previously mentioned woods. However, the good thing about it is that it possesses an incredible amount of strength and durability, and it will not expand or contract as much when exposed to moisture. Another thing that it has going for it is its weathered finish, which lends it a worn appearance that makes it look like it has been around for a long time. Those who want to create a very weathered appearance by choosing a redwood product, however, must make sure that they apply a stain to it in order to protect it from being damaged.

One of the hardest working wood types for rustic kitchen cabinets is pine. Pine trees have a tendency to grow very fast, which is why they are often used as railroad ties or to make tools. Because of this characteristic, they can quickly grow to be too dense for furniture makers to work with, so they need to be pruned in order to keep their size in mind. Typically, they are kept in terracotta pots, which also helps them retain their shape and keep them from growing too fast.

The last option on the list is sandstone. This kind of material is extremely dense, which makes it ideal for use in high-end products such as antique furniture. It does not have the same look or feel as some of the other options because it is often combined with other natural stones in order to achieve the desired effect. Sandstone kitchen design is extremely versatile, and it is often combined with other materials depending on the style of cabinetry that one is looking to create. It is a great addition to any home, whether it is a contemporary home a Victorian home, or even a ranch house.

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