Stunningly Gorgeous Kitchen Island Ideas for Your Home

kitchen island ideas

Island in the kitchen adds a touch of classic beauty and comfortable seating to the home. It is one of the most important parts of any kitchen, be it small or large. There are many benefits of having an island in your kitchen. It provides an additional workspace for cooking and you can also enjoy a chat while preparing food with other family members. In this compilation, we have collected pictures of beautiful kitchen islands that can inspire you to give a new look to your own kitchen. The beautiful examples are given here show that every kind of design for a kitchen island is possible if you have a little creativity and imagination. Let’s get inspired!

The L Shaped Kitchen Island

A stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen

This is an example of an island design in the kitchen with a long, thin, and parallel shape. It provides additional workspace and it can be used as a dining table for four people.

Narrow Kitchen Island Design Ideas

A bird standing next to a body of water

Take a look at this beautiful kitchen island that has been designed to provide function alongside its elegant appeal. You can also opt for narrow kitchen islands if you don’t have enough width in your countertops or if you want to make use of every bit of space provided by your home plan.

Banquette Style Seating

You can create banquette-style seating on the side of your island so that it becomes easier for you to chat with family members while cooking at the same time.

Kitchen Island with Stools on One Side

For kitchen islands, you can also choose to have stool seating on one side that can provide you more space to prepare food whereas the other side of the island can be used as a dining table for four members. This island looks very beautiful because of its white cabinet with a black countertop contrasting color theme.

A Modern Kitchen Island Design with Black CounterTops

This is a perfect example of a modern kitchen where sleek and shiny black countertops are adding power to the overall appeal of this room design. The island has been placed in front so that it becomes easier for everyone who wants to chat while preparing food at the same time.

A U Shaped Kitchen Island

Take a look at this beautiful example of a U-shaped kitchen design for small homes where you are unable to set up the island in a traditional manner. You can also opt for curved or U-shaped islands if your home layout allows that to happen. These designs don’t occupy much space and they provide additional work areas for people who are busy cooking.

Mini Kitchen Island Design Ideas With Stools

An island becomes more functional when it has stool seating on one side so that everyone can sit down while chatting with each other or enjoying delicious food together. This mini kitchen provides enough space to prepare foods, enjoy chats and store cooking materials as well. It has been decorated beautifully with modern silver hardware knobs which are looking fabulous against white cabinetry.


Kitchen islands enhance the look of a modern kitchen and provide additional space for cooking because it has been placed in the center of attention. It also doubles the functionality of a room where you can enjoy chats while preparing food or dining together at the same time. In order to give your kitchen a beautiful appeal, you should take inspiration from these amazing island designs.

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