Table Etiquette: Tables Are For Food

Table Etiquette

The proper etiquette in setting up a table is an important component of good table manners. A bad table setting technique can cause many problems, as well as turn a great event into a terrible one. The right set-up is hard to find, but it’s vital for a successful and comfortable dining experience. Let’s look at a few basics of proper table setting.

The first step is finding the right setting. The traditional dining room is probably the best setting to use for this purpose. If you’ve got a long rectangular table to set the dinner plate on; it’s much easier to use than other table arrangements. The rectangular table is also more likely to have a variety of different heights and widths.

If your table space doesn’t permit a long rectangular table, you can still use a long table with a long top or a long shallow table. Consider using a side table for smaller parties where you’ll have fewer people. This will still make a good set-up since the number of people seated at the table won’t be as large. Look for tables that are wide enough to seat everyone comfortably, and not too narrow. While narrow tables might seem more comfortable, they’ll not fit as conveniently in the center of the room as a long table can.

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Another option for a small dining room is to use an area under a corner table to create a counter space. This can be quite useful for people who like to eat in smaller groups, or for other guests who may need to leave their seats while eating. Avoid using this as the centerpiece though. It is not the place for the main attraction.

You might choose to use a corner as a romantic setting for your meal. You might use it as a place to hold candlelight dinners, or maybe even a place to read a book. Choose what you like best, and remember that you should consider people who will be dining around you as part of the setting, not just an afterthought.

Be sure to provide a place for eating and a place for lounging. A great way to do this is to use a round table, such as an octagon. This is also the most common shape for the standard round eating table. You can then use alongside the table to provide another place for eating or to place a lamp over a cup of tea. Don’t forget to provide a place for lounging either.

In addition to serving the main course of the meal; you can always place a dish of soup in front of the table for comfort or rich cream gravy. Don’t forget to include a plate of bread or crackers, and also have separate plates for ice cream and fruit.

People often get confused when they hear about a “country dinner.” While you can certainly serve this kind of dinner, this type of setting is inappropriate for formal occasions. You don’t want to turn a casual gathering into a shindig. If you are going to serve this style of food; make sure you first check with the hosts of the party. That is, to make sure that there is nothing else planned.

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Good table etiquette comes from being aware of your surroundings. Notice who else is in the room and how they are dressed. Take note of the styles of their clothing, and whether they are sitting on a sofa or on the floor.

Having noticed these things, you can take extra care in setting up the table. Your table manners need to be simple, yet formal at the same time.

With table setting etiquette, there is no limit to what you can do. Always be conscious of the height of everyone at the table. Keep the place settings simple, yet decorative. Avoid overly fancy accessories, because they can be distracting and unprofessional.

The next time you are setting up a table for your party, remember the basics of table etiquette. Dress people appropriately, and set the table in a way that gives the room a professional and appealing look. Good table etiquette always follows etiquette.

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