Table Etiquette: Learn Proper Table-Setting Technique

Table Etiquette: A Proper Table Setting

Why The Table Setting?

The knowledge of how to set a table properly has long been forgotten owing to a shift in our lifestyles where we are constantly on the move. This explains why people like to have their food, just like everything else, on the go. This poses a significant problem when one has guests at home because a proper table setting is imperative in such situations. Therefore table setting holds importance.

Table Etiquette: A Proper Table Setting
Table Etiquette: A Proper Table Setting

There are three fundamental ways of setting the table – basic, casual and formal.

The Basic Table Setting

Use them for regular meals at home. For such settings, you merely need cutlery, one placement, a glass, a plate and a napkin. The place mat should be at the center of the arrangement with the dinner plate in the middle of it. The napkin goes to the left of this plate with the fork kept on it. The knife goes closest to the plate on its right and the spoon goes beside it. The sharp blade of the knife should be facing the plate. Place the water class a little above the plate and position it somewhere between the knife and the plate. This proper table setting is used for casual family meals.

The Casual Table Setting

This proper table set comes in handy if you’re planning a gathering of friends and/or relatives, the general mood of which is laid back and informal. Begin by placing the mat and the plate just like you did previously. The order should be, charger, salad plate, soup bowl.

Follow the same instructions as in the previous one with your napkin and fork to the left and knife and spoon to the right. Place the water glass above the knife in case you have any other beverage, the glass for which can then be placed on the left of the glass. Such a proper table setting can impress your guests and make you the talk of the party.

The Formal

This is usually a three-course meal and therefore having a proper setting is imperative. This can be a little more difficult than the rest because such setting has many pieces. Follow the previous setting with the charger and soup bowl. A napkin goes to the left of the charger with the salad fork and dinner fork on the outside and inside, respectively with the bread plate above. To the right of the charger, the knife should be kept with the blade facing inwards followed by the spoon. The butter knife goes on top of the bread plate with the handle to the right. Your dessert spoon goes above the charger with the handle facing right. The water glass should be placed on top of the knife. The white wine glass goes to the right and the red wine glass goes to the left of the glass of water.

Table Etiquette: A Proper Table Setting
Table Etiquette: A Proper Table Setting

Set them right. Want to impress your guest and show them your hospitality? Try this. Be it any occasion – birthday parties or baby showers or luncheons, a proper table setting can go a long way in making it memorable.

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