The Chinese Tofu Recipes: Tofu With Chinese Sausage

Tofu is a versatile ingredient. It is low in fat and comes with intense flavor when cooked using the right ingredients. When you plan to lose weight, then there is no other way except through tofu recipes.

You can find a wide range of tofu present in the market. It is just that; you need to choose the right kind of tofu. Soft tofu is meant for dessert, soup, and steaming. With the help of firm tofu, you can prepare deep fry or stir-fried recipes.

Chinese Tofu Recipes: Tofu With Chinese Sausage

To prepare the Chinese tofu recipes, you need Chinese sausage. The difference between Chinese and American sausage is not much. The flavor and texture are slightly similar. However, Chinese sausage is intense and spicy.

Asians generally love their spices and color. Not to mention, the Chinese add loads of spices like chili. They also make use of most of the parts of the pig like the liver, intestine, kidney, and so on.

This is something that the Americans do not do. The Chinese sausage can purchased from stores located in your area. However, you can use the American sausage is you want. Apart from that, you need some cakes of firm tofu, cut section the spring onion, thinly sliced chili, and salt.

Chinese Tofu Recipes

You also will need some soy sauce. Chinese tend to add soy sauce in most of their dishes for the flavor. You can get that intense flavor once you bite in any of their dishes. Some water, cooking oil, cornstarch mixed in water, and MSG.

If you are not keen about MSG, then no problem. It is a flavoring agent. Therefore, when you are not particular about it, then you need not make use of it. However, you will lose out the flavor, as it is the main highlight of the tofu recipes.

The Chinese Tofu Recipes: Tofu With Chinese Sausage
The Chinese Tofu Recipes: Tofu With Chinese Sausage

Cooking Method Of Chinese Tofu Recipes: Tofu With Chinese Sausage

Now for the cooking of this tofu recipes. Steam the Chinese sausage for 10 minutes. Once they done, then you can cut the section. The tofu can cut into equal shapes. The number does not matter.

With the help of a wok, you need to heat the pan with cooking oil. You can use any vegetable oil as you wish. You are also welcome to use olive oil. However, olive oil gives a sour taste. That is something you will want to beware of.

Chinese Tofu Recipes

The tofu must fried for a few minutes until it has become brown. You can set it aside. Now pour some cooking oil and fry the red chili and spring onion. Some soy sauce, water, salt, and fried tofu can added into the wok.

The Chinese sausage and cornstarch mix can added. It enables the sauce to thicken. The tofu recipes ready to serve. As you can see, cooking Chinese tofu recipes do not have to be that difficult or overwhelming.

The Chinese Tofu Recipes: Tofu With Chinese Sausage
The Chinese Tofu Recipes: Tofu With Chinese Sausage


You can prepare the recipes using ingredients like beef, pork, chicken, and rice. It is all about the flavors and texture. Do not forget about using the wok. Once you get the hang of using the wok, you can prepare Chinese dishes without hassle.

With Chinese recipes, you can prepare using vegetables, seafood, tofu, soup, and many more.

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