Top 5 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For 2020

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

From storing all your expensive kitchenware to making your kitchen look enthralling, the importance of kitchen cabinets is undisputed. Kitchen cabinets can be styled in several ways to make them look spectacular. Whether you are setting up a new cabinet design or want to upgrade the existing design, here are some kitchen cabinet ideas you can consider.

Two-Tone Cabinets

The two-tone cabinet design is one of the classiest kitchen cabinet ideas for modern kitchens. Instead of painting your cabinets in a single color, give them a dual look using two shades. Opt for colors that go well with your kitchen theme. For instance – if your kitchen has a monochrome look, you can paint half of the cabinet in white and the rest in charcoal or black. If the cabinet lies beneath the kitchen countertop, opt for grey colored stone for the countertop and paint the cabinets in white.   

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For 2020
Top 5 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For 2020

Open Kitchen Cabinets

Open cabinets are always on-trend. They act as organizers and also display everything aesthetically. Opt for the open shelving idea to display your kitchenware. Use a theme to arrange everything beautifully. For instance – if you have got multiple shelves, you can display your best kitchen set using a color scheme. Use one shelf for all your white crockery, other for transparent stuff, and so on. You can also complement the kitchenware with other decor items like vases, plants, cookbooks, etc.

Textured Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking for unique kitchen ideas, you can’t miss adding textured items in the kitchen. And how about textured kitchen cabinets? Textured cabinets made of wood or any other material impart an exotic feel to the kitchen without overdoing. These cabinets will also add subtle visual interest to the kitchen and cabinetry itself.

Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

Bamboo kitchen cabinets go with modern, rustic, as well as contemporary kitchen designs. Not just bamboo cabinets are eco-friendly, they last years to come. Bamboo is also sturdier than cedar and oak. Not to mention bamboo adds warmth to your kitchen and is also easy to clean. For bamboo kitchen cabinet ideas, pick a flat form or Shaker-style. You can pick a lighter bamboo kitchen cabinet or look for a darker stain as per the existing kitchen theme.

Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Glass is a favorite thing for many homeowners and for a number of reasons. These cabinets display the crockery without revealing them entirely. There are several glass varieties available when it comes to choosing cabinetry:

Top Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For 2020
Top 5 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For 2020
  • Transparent Cabinets: They put everything on display without exposing them to dirt and other elements.
  • Textured Glass Cabinets: The glass of textured cabinets is patterned to create visual interest. These cabinets are hugely popular as they add a lot of interest to the kitchen.
  • Frosted Glass Cabinets: Frosted cabinets are not entirely opaque but a bit blur. However, they allow you to correctly make a guess and discover what’s inside. Something that’s ideal for contemporary and modern kitchen design!
  • Seeded Glass Cabinets: These cabinets dating back to colonial times have tiny seeds or bubbles on the glass. Ideal for vintage chic kitchens, the cabinets are great for adding charm as well as texture. Well, the bubbles can be so small or as large as they can be. 
  • Leaded Glass Cabinets: These cabinets involve metal in their construction to give them a tint or hue. The cabinets are great for decorative purposes as they are quite appealing and elegant. Something that’s perfect for modern kitchens!

Use these stunning kitchen cabinet ideas to build or revamp your kitchen. All these cabinet ideas are highly on-trend and will make your kitchen standout than never before!

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