Types Of Kitchen Floor Plans To Consider When Designing Your Kitchen

A kitchen with a table in a room

A significant aspect of kitchen design is deciding on a plan. The floor design impacts how you’ll move around the room while cooking or entertaining and how effectively it works for everyday tasks. The most efficient and convenient layout will be determined by the amount of space available and the desired level of efficiency and convenience.

In general, the location of the work triangle determines the kitchen’s efficiency. The refrigerator, stove or cooktop, and sink are all located in this section. A compact triangle limits the distances between these important appliances. This post details types of kitchen floor plans to consider when designing your kitchen.

L-Shaped Kitchen Floor Plan

A large room

One of the most typical kitchen layouts is the L shape. It takes up less space and allows for greater flexibility in the placement of workstations. When the kitchen is adjacent to a casual area, this layout works nicely.

The flexibility to center a table in an L-shaped kitchen is one of its advantages. When the homeowners’ party, this brings the family closer to the kitchen where the meals are cooked and brings guests closer to the cook. A huge work triangle is created when the sink and dishwasher are on one wall, and the refrigerator and range are on the other.

Island Kitchen Floor Plan

A kitchen with a blue chair

Islands are ideally suited to L-shaped kitchens at least 10×10 feet in size and open to another room. By adding a stove or sink to the island, you may improve the utility of your kitchen.

The island is featured in an L-shaped kitchen arrangement. A built-in island also gives you the option of installing a lot of storage.

U-Shaped Kitchen Floor Plan

A U-shaped kitchen allows the cook to conduct business while remaining engaged in the activity in the neighboring room. Serious cooks will appreciate U-shaped kitchens since they have a lot of open counter space, which is useful when baking or cooking a large dinner.

In this layout, pay particular attention to the work triangle. You’ll be imprisoned in the corner if the appliances are too close together. To open the room to an adjacent space, consider a half-wall.

P-Shaped Kitchen Floor Plan

P stands for the peninsula in this kitchen design concept. The P-shaped layout is formed by extending one stretch of countertop into the room to make a peninsula, derived from an L-shaped or U-shaped plan. It provides additional kitchen workspace without taking up a lot of floor space.


The location of the work triangle determines the kitchen’s efficiency. Each kitchen plan has its unique features that make them desirable. Smart space planning will help you get the most out of a small space. Hence, you should know the different types of kitchen floor plans to consider.

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